Welcome to the Online Offering page of the New Church Family!

New Church Family has been dedicated to serving our area LGBTQ+ community for over 35 years. We have provided a safe place for the community to gather, for advocacy, for helping the homeless, for AIDS testing, for counseling services, for feeding the hungry and, of course, trying as best we can to be the hands and heart of Jesus for those who need, in any way we can. Membership in the church has never been necessary nor even a belief in God. There is never a fee attached to anything we offer, yet we have a very limited staff, a very limited office and a very limited overhead. If you feel called by God to help us in God’s work, then please consider making financial assistance here and/ or signing up for one of our volunteer ministries on that appropriate page. We are all very grateful.

You will be able to designate your donation to one of four separate funds as well as make your donation as a Memory in the name of a loved one or even a pet. Here are your options:

TITHE – This is your weekly offering.
BENEVOLENCE FUND – This fund serves visitors off the street with food, clothing, and sometimes partial assistance with rent, gas or emergencies.
MOVIE CLUB – This fund helps subsidize expenses for the non-church activities that support the gatherings of our LGBTQ+ community.
OFFERING – This is a one-time offering that helps offset the expenses incurred by the church’s maintenance, office expenses, utilities, communication, and general day-to-day expenses.