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The Lone Savior (Mar 29, 2015)

Jesus wasn't the first hero to ride up to the Temple in Jerusalem in a noisy parade. Judah Maccabee did much the same thing in 163 B.C. when he led a revolt against Syrian occupiers of Israel. But Judah rode a white stallion as a symbol of military might. Jesus chose a donkey as a symbol of humility, opposing the commercialism and corruption of the religious establishment of that time. His gesture caught the interest of onlookers but only for a short time. In a week's time, most had scattered,not daring to oppose his crucifixion.

Trust Me

 We deal with lots of labels at every stage of our life. May we always remember that we are, first and foremost, a child of God. A unique being, different from every other person. When others mislabel us, or misunderstand us, or stereotype us, we must put our trust in God, the Higher Power who knows us the best – both our exterior and the innermost part of our heart. Look up Psalm 118, verse 8, and hear God's message of reassurance.

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