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Prayers of the People, June 4, 2017

Here are Prayers of the People gathered at our June 4 service and in recent days ---

HEALING -- For Teresa, for Aris's heart valve infection, for Lois's stomach problem, for Kenneth Parnell (Terry's Dad) scheduled for heart stints this week; for little Anthony; for young Riley's brain tumor -- may his latest MRI test show improvement; for Dave L.'s ongoing radiation.

PEACE of MIND -- For Jessie in the midst of storm

COURAGE & STRENGTH -- For families affected by London's latest terror attacks and those in Paris; For Florida families still grieving for the 49 young lives lost in the Pulse shooting a year ago.

THANKSGIVING - -That Jay's blood test showed no cancer.

GUIDANCE -- For Frank's friend Lamont

NCF Board Agenda June 11, 2017 meeting

New Church Family -- Agenda – Board Meeting -- June 11, 2017

1. Call to Order  – Opening prayer
2. Acceptance of the agenda
3. Acceptance of prior month's minutes
4. Pastor's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Building Report

7. Accept withdrawal of memberships for Bob & Alan Austin
8. Carpet project delay

9. Accept withdrawal of membership for Susan Roth
10. Discuss any new candidates for board position
11. NCF Cookbook - fundraiser
12. Craft/Art Meeting Weekly – move to a 9-1 slot Tues, Wed, or Thur.
13. DeLand & Volusia Pride (Oct. 21) Jeff to head up Volusia
14. Proposal for A/C repair/replacement
15. Other new business?

16. Set date for next Board Meeting
17. Adjourn and Closing Prayer

Prayers of the People -- May 29

Prayers collected at our May 28 service --
REMEMBRANCE for our 83 church members and friends who are no longer with us in earthly life. Also for the service members who protected America with their lives.
SPIRIT & STRENGTH for Rev. Donna -- May her heart be overflowed with spirit during the service and beyond. And may she fill each one with the knowledge they need to go on their way through their day and whatever troubles there may be.
HEALING for all in pain. For T-Bear, scheduled for surgery Friday, and strength for Theresa, her caregiver. For Sylvia still weak from her vacation trip. For Jeff D., still recuperating from a TIA. For Pat D., not feeling well. For Terry. For Patsy. For Becki who fell from a go-kart.
SAFETY for motorists on I-4. For attendees at the Country 500 music festival at the speedway.
GUIDANCE for visitor Johnny, who needs to resolve a job and housing problem by Tuesday so he can stay in the Daytona area.
CONDOLENCES for families affected by the Manchester bombing and the Coptic Christian families affected by the bombing in Egypt.

Prayers gathered May 23

Prayers gathered at our May 23 service and in recent days:
CONDOLENCES for the British families who lost 12 children and 10 adults in the terrorist bombing of a concert in Manchester, UK. For Jerry N., whose friend in rehab recently died.
THANKSGIVING -- That a biopsy for David (of Stan & David) showed no cancer. For our new member Brian. That Jerry N.'s aunt in Alabama revived after a near-death episode last Sunday. Pam B. reports she is almost back to normal after three months of heart problems and other ailment.
HEALING -- For cancer patient Gayle, who regained enough strength to move from a bed to a wheelchair. Strength for her partner Judy.  For Jerry C., sporadic leg pain and swelling.
SAFE TRAVEL -- For Deb & Irene in RI.  For the Hatfield brothers, getting resettled in Sebring
GUIDANCE -- For Rev. Donna's daughter Hunter as she learns a new job here after relocating from Tennessee, and husband Tyler searching for employment.

Draft Minutes -- NCF Board Meeting -- May 14, 2017

New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting - May 14, 2017

(NOTE: This draft text was prepared and issued by Acting Secretary Dave McBride and Board President Deb Ramsay. The board will officially adopt the minutes at its next meeting June 11.)

Board Members Present: Debra Ramsay, presiding; Rev. Donna Choate; Dave McBride, acting secretary; Jeff DeYoung; Gil Jordan (via telephone); David Low, and Jerry Corlis, Member Emeritus.

Visitors Present: (In no special order) Nancy Reed, Pat Miller, Betty South, Jerry Nelson, Irene Damaso, Char Rywant, Bonnie Frazee, Russ Allen, Jeff Farance, Pam Berdebes, Tom Brown, and Glen Foley.

Read more: Draft Minutes -- NCF Board Meeting -- May 14, 2017

New Church Family board meeting agenda, May 14, 2017

New Church Family Agenda – Board Meeting -- May 14, 2017

The meeting will start after the worship service and refreshments, approximately 11:45 a.m.

Read more: New Church Family board meeting agenda, May 14, 2017

Support our carpet fund

The NCF Board of Directors has established a "Carpet Fund" to help us replace the 15-year-old carpeting in the sanctuary. The target is $3,000. A contractor friend has agreed to donate installation labor, so our expense will be for materials only. The board has authorized a special collection on April 30 to be dedicated to the carpet fund.  If you can help with an additional special gift, please see our treasurer, Jeff De Young. Our goal is to get the new carpeting in place within 3 to 6 months.

Church Supplies needed, as of April

 We greatly aooreciate our many angels who help to stretch our church budget by donating various kitchen and office supplies. A list on our refrigerator door gives our latest needs.

Our current needs:  (updated April 26)

Read more: Church Supplies needed, as of April

Easter Week Calendar


SUNDAY APRIL 9 – PALM SUNDAY – 10 a.m. “Sound is God” music demonstration by Rick de Yampert -- a prelude to our regular worship. Rick will use the sitar, African hand drum and Native American flute to demonstrate various types of sacred music and chant. Soft background music starts 9:30 a.m. to set the mood.
WORSHIP & HOLY COMMUNION, Message by Rev. Donna Choate
11:30 a.m. – PANCAKE BREAKFAST FUNDRAISER served by the Women’s Ministry
Noon – NCF Board monthly meeting
MONDAY APRIL 10, 6:30 p.m. – PASSOVER SERVICE and SEDER, led by Rev. Donna & Merrill. RSVP in advance. $5 donation requested.
SUNDAY APRIL 16, 10 a.m. – EASTER WORSHIP & HOLY COMMUNION, Message by Rev. Donna Choate.
NOON -- POTLUCK DINNER – Please sign up to tell us what side dish you plan to bring. The church will provide main meat dishes.

NCF Board Minutes March 12, 2017

New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting -- March 12, 2017

Board Members present: Debra Ramsay, presiding; Reverend Donna Choate; Dave McBride; Jeff DeYoung; Bob Austin; David Low.

Visitors present: Merrill Hendler; Cindy Parker

Read more: NCF Board Minutes March 12, 2017

Date for DeLand Pride set

DeLand Pride logo  FYI.........DeLand Pride will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2017.  More information as it becomes available.



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