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GLBT Book Club forming

Several NCF members have expressed interest in trying to form a “gay book club” to meet once a month or so. We have set SEPT 27, 6:30 p.m. for our first meeting, which will be at church for an hour or so. The book we’ll discuss is a David Sedaris collection of humorous semi-autobiographical essays “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.”
Some of you may have read one of the earlier humor books by Sedaris, a gay author who has written “Santaland Diaries," "Me Talk Pretty Some Day, "Naked" and several others. This Owls book is available at most branches of the Volusia County library. Also Tom Brown has ordered a few used copies, which will cost $4 apiece for softcover, $5 for hardcover. Those who prefer brand new copies can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other sites, or call your favorite bookstore. You can find reviews of Owls at -- its overall rating is 3.8 out of 4 stars.

   The book group is open to anyone  -- you don't have to be a church member (or GLBT) to take part. We hope everyone who shows up for the first meeting will bring a suggestion for Book No. 2. We can put the titles in a bucket and have a drawing, or else just discuss them and reach a consensus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be GLBT-themed. Please let Tom know if you plan to attend or want to order the Sedaris book. Tom can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message or text at 386-576-6671

Our Prayer List July 23, 2017

Prayers gathered at our July 23 service
HEALING – For Dean H.’s stroke; for Carol Pyles; for John & Dave’s Edgewater neighbor Peggy, taken away by ambulance Sunday morning; for Ron’s Aunt Rosie; for Clarence’s neighbor, going thru a tough time after facing a pull-the-plug decision; for Jerry N.’s aunt Catherine, now has a trach in place; for John Davis, in bad shape after heart surgery. For Teresa’s husband Rick, facing possible hernia repair surgery. For Dave L.'s radiation treatments.
COMFORT – For the family of Harold C., the Alzheimer’s patient whose body was found in a Fairmount Road back yard on Sunday.
THANKSGIVING – Aris thanks the many people who prayed for her during her long illness.
SAFE TRAVEL – For Rev. Donna’s sister.
ADOPTION -- For the small German shepherd who needs a home & yard (contact Char for details)

Share Your Recipes for the "New Church Family & Friends Cookbook"

       Members and friends of New Church Family are invited to share one or two of their favorite recipes for a fundraiser cookbook we hope to publish in the fall. Please type, print out or carefully hand-print your recipe and submit it to Tom Brown or Char Rywant. (Information can be e-mailed to Tom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )  Please include a sentence or two that tells why this recipe is special to you or your family. Include your name and city. 

       We aim to collect at least 100 recipies and plan to sell the cookbook for $10 each. If you or your business would like to help support the project as a sponsor, donate $20 or more, and you will receive a copy of the cookbook plus have your name listed on the Sponsors page.

         Members of other churches and organizations are welcome to participate as well, and we'll be glad to include the name of your group.


Prayer List July 16, 2017

Prayer List July 16, 2017
Prayers gathered at our July 16 service
GUIDANCE – Lois asks God to help volunteers locate the elderly veteran who wandered away from his nursing home several days ago. Courage for his family. For Nick to find a job. For Lamont in Michigan.
HEALING – For Jerry N’s aunt on life support in Alabama. For Keith G.’s back; for Heather’s co-worker, awaiting a heart transplant; for Heather’s Aunt Jan, suffering from Alzheimer’s; Frank asks prayers for Carman, who broke a hip, wrist, knee and ankle; for Jan’s ankle; for Joan’s cancer; for Carol Pyles, fighting cancer. For Suzie, recovery from heart attack. For Dean and John, rest and relief from pain.
PRAISES - -Lois is glad her friend Frances is doing well with a new pacemaker. We’re thankful Aris was strong enough to rejoin us at worship. Tom thankful 2 relatives are out of danger – sister Dawn who lives near a wildfire in Oroville, Calf, and niece Sharon, near the sink hole in Land O Lakes Fl.
SAFE TRAVEL – For Frank heading to Canada on Friday, and those helping him with the trip.

Pastor's ethics proposal approved -- guidelines for pastors and former pastors

The NCF Board  on July 9, 2017  approved Rev. Donna Choate's proposed addition to her pastoral covenant with New Church Family.  She noted it applies only to herself. It would be up to the board to decide whether to require similar no-contact provisions for future pastors. Questions should be directed to the pastor or board members.

Separation Ethics
Addendum to New Church Family
Pastoral Covenant 2017
At the time of separation, the exiting pastor will no longer be Pastor of New Church Family, and
therefore must discontinue the functions of the pastoral office in the New Church Family
Congregation unless specifically authorized to do so by the new Pastor (Interim/Permanent), or
Board of Directors in the absence of a working Pastor.
Because of the sensitivity of the pastoral relationship, it is important that the departing pastor, in
any dissolution, assume certain responsibilities to the former Congregation, to individual
members of that Congregation, and to the interim and next installed Pastors.
These responsibilities are:
1) That all pastoral and professional relationships and responsibilities of the Pastor with the
congregation will end as of the effective date of the dissolution;
2) That the Pastor will not be involved in any way in the selection process of either the interim
Pastor or the next installed pastor. Neither will he or she be involved in any way with the
selection of any search team or Pastor nominating committee.
3) That the Pastor, after leaving, will not become engaged in conversations which, in any way,
offer opinions or criticism about the life of the congregation or the performance of the interim or
any subsequent installed Pastors;
4) That any desire on the part of members of the congregation for the departing Pastor to
participate in congregational life or services should be discussed not with the departing Pastor,
but with the interim Pastor or subsequent installed Pastor;
5) That the departing Pastor may participate in a wedding or funeral of the congregation, after
the date of dissolution, only by invitation of the interim Pastor or installed Pastor, who shall be
the officiant.
Furthermore, it is advised that the exiting Pastor take an extended break from Church
attendance and activities for a period of no less than one year so as to allow the new Pastor the
opportunity to develop an identity as the shepherd/leader. This has no reflection on continued
friendships; it is limited to the dissolution of duties as a Pastor for the New Church Family
Congregation outlined in 1-5.
Reverend Donna S. Choate

Special Congregational Meeting July 9


(Meeting will start directly after our worship service  -- approximately 11:30 a.m., and will be followed by the regular monthly board meeting, in the boardroom. )

1. Call to Order – Opening prayer
2. Certification of quorum – Need 20% of membership ( members)
3. Acceptance of agenda
4. Election of board member to fill vacant secretary position – term up in February 2019.
a. Char Rywant
b. Judy O'Melia

5. Announcement regarding the outcome of the Board of Directors election.
6. Adjourn and Closing Prayer

God Gab on Eastern Christianity

JULY 20 GOD GAB Discussion -- Byzantine and Oriental Christianity

   What are the Christian Churches of the East, what are their beliefs, and how do they express their spiritual life? Paul Edson leads a God Gab discussion of the ancient Eastern Christian Churches that have been so strongly affected by political events of the past hundred years. Dr. Edson, recently retired from Embry-Riddle University’s humanities division, has been exploring the life of Eastern Christian Churches for almost 60 years. This free educational event, open to the public, is part of an ongoing series exploring various faith traditions found in the Volusia-Flagler. Like all of our God Gab chats, the intent is not to convert anyone to a particular belief, but to inform each other about our diversity.
   The event will take place July 20, Thursday, 6-7:30 p.m., at New Church Family, 3520 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach (US 92, just west of I-4). For more information call the church office at 386-527-5952 or facilitator Tom Brown at 386-576-6671.

Prayers of the People -- June 25, 2017

Prayers of the people (June 25) -- HEALING: For Stephen's eye surgery today; for Teresa's brother-in-law John with cancer; for Aunt Rosi's recuperation from surgery; for Aris at Halifax-Port Orange; for Dave L.'s start of radiation treatment; for Carol P. in Tampa area; for Jerry C.'s mobility problems.

Special congregational meeting July 9

A special Congregational Meeting has been called for Sunday July 9, after the worship service, to elect an interim member for the church board of directors. The new member will fill the vacant post of board secretary until the next Annual Meeting in February 2018.

   Three church members have informed the pastor they are willing to stand for election. They are Judi Omelia, Cindy Parker, and Charlene Rywant. A fourth candidate, Jerry Nelson, has withdrawn.

   A regular monthly meeting of the board will follow the election.

    The other elected members of the board are Debra Ramsay, president; Dave McBride, vice president; David Low, and Gil Jordan. Rev. Donna Choate is an ex-officio member.

Prayers of the People June 18, 2017

Here are prayer requests gathered at our June 18 worship service:

THANKSGIVING on Father's Day for our fathers, uncles and grandfathers. Also, thanks for a beautiful day.

HEALING for Ron & Clarence's Aunt Rosie, recovering from an operation. For Aris, now at Halifax Hospital Port Orange, 5th floor, for 2-3 weeks of rehab. Jeanne & Alyce ask healing for Genevieve, who broke two toes while moving furniture.

NCF Board Meeting June 11 2017 -- Summary


BOARD VACANCY – Sunday JULY 9 was set for a short after-service Congregational Meeting in order to elect a member to fill a board vacancy until next February. Announced candidates so far are Char Rywant, Judy OMelia and Cindy Parker. Jerry Nelson withdrew (he reaches the 6-month membership requirement in August.) The congregational meeting will coincide with the next monthly board meeting.
BUILDING – Dave McBride has been gathering price quotes for a 5-ton air-conditioning unit to replace the ailing 15-year-old unit that cools the southeast portion of the building. Quotes received so far range from $3861 to $5610, depending on the warranty desired. Cindy Parker said she knows of a company that may be able to offer a lower price. Board voted to cover the cost by using recent investment earnings in our Morgan Stanley account. The Carpet Fund will continue collecting donations earmarked for a new floor covering in the sanctuary.
COOKBOOK – Char will ask church members and friends to give her one or more favorite family recipes and cooking anecdotes that will be gathered into an NCF Cookbook as a fundraiser. Goal is to get it printed in time to sell it at the Oct. 21 Volusia Pride. Tom B. will help with editing.
ARTS & CRAFTS – Free weekly lessons will be moved to a daytime hour, starting Tuesday June 20, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Several craft options are available – cross-stitching, making a newspaper basket (bring old newspapers), bead work, embroidery. Speak to Char for more information.
FUNDRAISER – Pastor said Dee & Steph plan to sell watermelon slices in order to raise money for a program that provides swimming lessons for infants (Watermelon for Water Babies.)
OTHER FUNDRAISERS – Dennis Brooks suggested the church consider using the County Fairgrounds flea market as a site for a future yard sale. No action taken.

PICNIC -- At the suggestion of Jeff Farance, July 15, Saturday, was tentatively set for a church picnic at a riverside park in Holly Hill.
GOD GAB – Tom B. said a God Gab discussion is planned for a week night in July – not yet determined -- with Paul Edson, retired Embry-Riddle humanities professor, discussing Eastern Christianity (various Orthodox churches). Dave McBride asked the God Gab group to reimburse the church for use of the space. No amount was specified.
TREASURER’s REPORT – May tithes were $2,186, or $541 per Sunday. Expenses were $3144 including a $376 property insurance payment. $500 was transferred from a reserve account to help cover bills.
PASTOR’s REPORT - -A detailed breakdown of the pastor’s work hours and activities is available at church. She reported her May ministry averaged 41.5 hours per week (her compensation is for a 28-hour work week.)

  -- Notes compiled by Tom Brown. Contact him for any additions or corrections.



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