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Cancer Project

If you plan to support the "Relay for Life" fundraiser for cancer research, please bring a check payable to American Cancer Society and hand it to Bob or Alan Austin.

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Sermon Recap (March 29 "The Lone Savior"

Jesus wasn't the first hero to ride up to the Temple in Jerusalem in a noisy parade. Judah Maccabee did much the same thing in 163 B.C. when he led a revolt against Syrian occupiers of Israel.

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Prayers & Testimonies of the people

Our Prayer Team, led by Dom, sends up prayers every day. Contact DOM or any board member if you have a crisis requiring urgent prayer or know someone else who needs this support. Our Prayer Book near the sanctuary door also has a sheet for listing people in need of a telephone call or visit. If you would like to join the Prayer Team, contact Dom. Here are the latest requests, as of July 25:

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Our New Budget

The NCF congregation has approved a tight $44,625 budget for the year, about $5,000 more than last year. Most of the new money is to create a bigger reserve for repairs.

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