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Rashiki Grace and Isaac Holloway

Rashiki & Isaac Holy Union -- July 29, 2015

Rashiki Grace and Isaac Holloway recited Holy Union vows at New Church Family on July 29, 2015, with Rev. Susan B. Roth officiating. Click "read more" for photos.

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NCF directors approve Benevolence guidelines

     The NCF Board of Directors has approved additional guidelines for our Benevolence Fund.

   The guidelines that were approved July 27 affirm that the top priority of the special Fund is to provide emergency financial help to members of our congregation as well as needy visitors. The Fund also will continue making occasional charitable donations, with board approval, provided that at least $250 is reserved for emergency help. Donations will increase if the Fund exceeds $1,000. The Fund, supported by a monthly special collection, currently has about $500 on hand.

          In other business, the board authorized the pastor to negotiate a space-sharing agreement with VITAS, a nonprofit that wants to organize a bereavement support group for LGBT people. The move will expand the church’s role as a community center. Currently, the church also provides space for meetings of PFLAG, the Volusia-Flagler Rainbow Alliance, the National Association of Social Workers and Ocean Road Counseling.

     Regarding church improvements, the board voted to use proceeds from our devotional items sale for eventual purchase of a flagpole. So far, the sale has raised about $110. The board approved a carpet cleaning by our own cleaning person this summer, (Bob A.), and will decide later if a professional crew needs to be hired. About $330 has been spent on a new video camera and related equipment to upgrade our audio-visual ministry.  In response to a complaint from a member, the board agreed to consider moving some of the surveillance warning signs away from the driveway and front door so the church will appear more welcoming.

     FUNDRAISING -- Treasurer Tom Brown reported prospects are dim for a Biketoberfest concession on church property, but the church will continue to seek an outside vendor interested in renting a portion of the parking lot. A proposal for holding one or more bingo games this fall depends on whether enough people are willing to spend $10 or more for a night of entertainment. Also, at least 6-10 volunteers would be needed as callers, runners, game sellers and a refreshment crew.

           The board briefly discussed ways to present an appealing exhibit at the Oct. 24 Volusia Pride Festival.   Buttons or T-shirt stickers were mentioned as a possible give-away.

         The board set Monday, Sept. 14,  for its next meeting.

Picnic packs 'em in -- July 5

01picnic 20150704

Sixty-five people, including several first-time visitors, joined us July 5 for a delicious back-yard picnic at  church. Deb and Irene brought their camper and roll-out canopy to provide shade, but  most people took refuge indoors from the heat.

Click the Read More button to see more photos.

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Congregation reaches out to homeless (June 29, 2015)

Penny by penny, dollar by dollar, our congregation is finding ways to connect with the homeless and offer them both material and spiritual support. Last Sunday (June 28), we took up a special collection to help a homeless woman who recently had been hospitalized due to sun poisoning. We raised $169 toward the cost of prescriptions, bus passes, clothing and other essentials -- Rev. Carol will make sure the funds are used wisely.

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Board reviews budget, allocates special gift (June 22 meeting highlights)

   The New Church Family board of directors decided at its June 22 meeting to split a special $2,000 memorial gift received on Sunday.

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Logos Bible Study Group interprets Paul's letters

The Logos Bible Study Group, led by Mark Bundy, offers a structured experience in reading the Bible, understanding its context and discussing how it can guide our efforts to lead a Christian life. The group meets each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the New Church Family boardroom at 3520 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach.  The informal study is designed to help both those who are reading the Bible for the first time and those who are familiar with Scripture but desire a refresher. Typically, group members take turns reading a few verses and the group as a whole comments on what the passage might mean. Currently, the group is reading the various letters of Paul to the mission churches throughout the Mediterranean.

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Prayers For Reilly

Prayers appreciated today (Wed. June 3) for Reilly, 6, Pat M.'s cousin, undergoing surgery today for a brain tumor. His recovery may be lengthy. Prayers for the family and Reilly during recovery.

A perfect place for your wedding

New Church Family and Pastor Donna Choate warmly invite engaged couples to consider our building & grounds on the western edge of Daytona Beach as a site for a wedding and reception.

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Needy Kids Field Trip

Donna and Heather have asked our board to endorse a project that's raising funds for a field trip for 5th graders at Palm Terrace Elementary School.

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Cancer Project

If you plan to support the "Relay for Life" fundraiser for cancer research, please bring a check payable to American Cancer Society and hand it to Bob or Alan Austin.

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