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This Sunday at Church -- Dec. 4

SUNDAY DEC. 4 -- 10 a.m. -- WORSHIP & Holy Communion, led by Rev. Donna Choate

Our Monthly Benevolence Offering will be collected to help people with financial emergencies. Food Drive to benefit the Needy Kids Fund continues -- please deposit your canned goods in the bin near the front counter.

Lighting of Advent Candle, and opening hymn will be "O Come All Ye Faithful," with Lloyd as accompanist.

SCRIPTURE for SUNDAY -- Isaiah 11:1–10; Psalm 72:1–7, 18–19; Romans 15:4–13; Matthew 3:1–12

AFTER SERVICE -- POTLUCK LUNCH, starting at 11:30 a.m.

NCF BOARD MEETING at Noon, the congregation is welcome to observe and participate. Agenda is posted on this website.


DEC. 7, WED. 6 p.m.-- BIBLE STUDY continues -- we'll be looking at the reign of Israel's first full-fledged king -- King Saul.

DEC. 10 1 p.m. -- WOMEN's MINISTRY POT LUCK and gift wrapping for needy families.

Holiday gift-giving ideas

Here are a few shopping suggestions if you'd like to complete your gift list and benefit our church or local charities at the same time

-- COMMUNITY COUPON BOOK -- A fat coupon book that gives you fat discounts at dozens of local restaurants, attractions and stores. The discounts are good throughout the new year, and the $20 purchase price includes a $10 rebate to our church. Contact the Women's Group to buy one.

-- BOOK GIVEAWAY -- Visit our library to choose from scores of books and CDs donated by the estate of Linda Nelson. If you are able, leave a few coins in the coin can to help support our church. Many titles in the categories of women's issues, psychology, pets, self-help, inspiration, etc.

-- CANDLES, ETC. Orlando Gay Chorus is running an online benefit in partnership with Yankee Candle Workshop. Visit and enter the group number (990104739) in the "Start Shopping" box (on a mobile device, hit "Shop", then the "Enter Group" button). Then shop for catalog items and online exclusives for gifts and the holidays! The chorus receives 40 percent of the revenue.

-- EMPTY BOWLS SALE -- Halifax Urban Ministries is continuing its annual fundraiser but this year it is scheduled after the holidays, JAN. 21, starting 10 a.m. at Bethune Cookman Center for Engagement (adjacent to Bethune Peforming Arts Center. Buy a bowl, handcrafted by local high school students, and get a soup and salad luncheon 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. A silent auction starts 10 a.m. ...

Pride 2017 Calendar


As we receive word of Pride Festivals scheduled for 2017, we will add them to this calendar.

APRIL 7-9. Miami Beach Gay Pride - -The event includes a Friday VIP Reception, Saturday beach party and festival, and Sunday parade and festival. Miami Beach Gay Pride is produced with the support of the Miami Beach Visitors and Convention Authority.

Minutes of Nov. 6 NCF Board Meeting

New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2016

Board Members present: Rev. Donna Choate; Debra Ramsay, Presiding; David Low; Gil Jordan; Jeff DeYoung; Jerry Corlis and Bob Austin.

Guests present: Bonnie Frazee; Irene Damaso; Jeff Farance; Teresa Wright; Heather Choate; Pat Miller; Glen Foley; Pam Berdebes; Tom Brown; Merrill Hendler and Dave McBride.

1. Deb Ramsay called the meeting to order at 12:09 pm. Opening prayer by Rev. Donna Choate.
2. Acceptance of the Agenda – Jerry Corlis motioned to accept, Gil Jordan seconded. Passed.
3. Acceptance of the prior minutes – Jeff DeYoung motioned, Gil Jordan seconded. Passed.
4. Pastor's Report – Approved as read.
5. Treasurer's Report – Approved as read.
6. Building Report: Quotes were given on the Pole Lighting/NCF sign. It was stated that the Electric Company may install a security light and do the upkeep for a monthly fee. Rev. Donna and Jeff DeYoung to check on it and decide if it was possible or to do the Pole light with LED light. Jeff DeYoung and Gil Jordon will take care of fixing the NCF sign light. Front entrance doors have been treated with stained glass and the archway window is to be done soon. The pavers on the front walkway are bowing up and volunteers are going to do a patch job on them for the present. We have volunteers to do the painting of lines and curbs and to do pressure of the building. Building cracks and settling foundation, it was decided to do a geological study for $3,000 to see if the building has stopped settling and the driveway also. Motion by Jeff DeYoung and second by Jerry Corlis to do this. Passed. The back deck is to be powerwashed and weather treated by volunteers. The Prayer Garden has been put on hold until after all of these building and foundation items are handled. Light bulbs have been purchased and will be put in.
7. Safe for building – T-Bear told the Board that she will get the safe before the end of the month. Dave McBride told the group that he and Merrill had one that could be used until the other one arrives.
8. Valentine's Dance – Bob and Alan Austin will host the Valentine's Dance on Feb. 10, 2017.
9. Holiday Dance – Rev. Donna will check on getting someone to host this dance. It was set for December 30, 2016.
10. DeLand Pride Block Party – Bob Austin told the Board that he and Alan will set the booth up on Nov. 13th. The Block Party starts at 2 pm and goes to 7 pm. Volunteers are asked to come and bring their lawn chairs and wear their NCF t-shirts.
11. Holiday Services Schedule – Thanksgiving Service and Dinner on Sunday, Nov. 20Th; Blue Christmas Service on Dec. 15th at 6:30 pm; Christmas Eve Service on Dec. 24th at 6:00 pm; Christmas Day Service and Dinner on Dec. 25th (with the $3 gift bag). Sign up sheets will be put out and all will be posted on the Facebook page.
12. Teresa's Needy Kids Drive – Teresa Wright spoke to the Board about the Needy Kid Drive she does every year. The Board always participates. This year one of her sponsors has cut back. Suggestions for our Church was to have a Food Drive and some Christmas Trees donated. Motion by Jerry Corlis and Seconded by Jeff DeYoung to donate $200 and see if we could make it $300 if funds permit. Passed.
13. Pancake Breakfast fundraiser – Rev. Donna asked if it would be possible to do a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on the first Sunday of January instead of out ususal potluck meal since the Sunday before was the Christmas Dinner? David Low volunteered to head it up. Rev. Donna said she would talk to the Ladies Group and see if they would assist. The Board agreed to do this.
14. Goals for 2017 – Rev. Donna asked the Board members to be thinking of goals for 2017 and bring them to the next Board meeting.
15. Call for Board Member nominations for 2017 – A letter will be sent to inactive members and it will be posted on the Facebook page and on the website and announced at Church if anyone wants to be a Board Member to contact Rev. Donna.
16. Membership review – Our yearly check with inactive members will be done.
17. Congregational Meeting – A letter will be sent to inactive members and it will be announced at Church when the Meeting will be held.
18. Letter of Intent – Rev. Donna Choate presented the Board with a letter of her Intent for the position of Pastor of New Church Family for 2017. Her letter was accepted and she and Debra Ramsay will work on a convenant to present to the Board and then the membership.
19. Wall Hanging – It was stated that the wall hangings in the sanctuary were very dusty. They will be cleaned.
20. Set date for next Board meeting – The next Board Meeting will be held on Sunday, Dec. 4th at 12 noon.
21. Adjourn and Closing Prayer – Motion by Gil Jordan, second by Jerry Corlis to adjourn. Passed. Meeting was adjourned at 1:22 pm. Gil Jordan gave the closing prayer.

NCF Board Agenda for Nov. 6 meeting

New Church Family Agenda – Board Meeting
November 6, 2016

1. Call to Order – Opening prayer
2. Acceptance of the agenda
3. Acceptance of prior month's minutes
4. Pastor's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Building Report

7. Purchase of safe update

8. Valentine's Day Dance hosted by Bob & Al on 2/10/17

9. Holiday Dance??

  1. 10. DeLand Pride on 11/13

    11. Holiday Services Schedule:

    a. Blue Christmas

    b. Christmas Eve

    c. Christmas Day

    d. Thanksgiving

    12. Christmas Dinner & Grab bag gifts

    13. Teresa's Needy Kids Drive

    14. Pancake breakfast fundraiser?? 1/1/17

    15. Goals for 2017

    16. Call for board member nominations for 2017

    17. Membership review

    18. Other new business??


    19. Set date for next Board Meeting

    20. Adjourn and Closing Praye


Jeff Farance review of "The Girl on a Train"

Film Critic
''The Girl on the Train'' is rated R; 2 stars (out of 5)

One scarcely can say ''The Girl on the Train'' runs off the rails since it never really was on them to start.
Adapted from Paula Hawkins' wildly popular novel by the same name by former college prof Erin Cressida Wilson (whose ''Secretary'' script was shorthand for S&M), the 112-minute movie directed by Tate Taylor is a disservice compared to his wonderful ''The Help.''
''Train'' is practically ''Gone Girl'' without the loveable characters. Where ''Gone Girl'' had dueling protagonists whose mission seemed to be finding clever ways to dive morally and ethically lower than his/her spouse, the ''Train'' crew begins as deeply flawed and never develops any traits or circumstances to redeem them or to make them more interesting and sympathetic. They don't unravel: they clearly never were raveled.
Rachel (Emily Blunt, dressed down from ''The Devil Wears Prada'') is an alcoholic voyeur who watches a house in her former neighborhood each day as she rides a commuter train to and from New York City, where she no longer has a job but has been going through the motions of heading to work for months to fool her friend Cathy (Laura Prepon of ''Orange Is the New Black''}, from whom she rents a room.
Gazing longingly out the window at symbols of a life she had -- and lost when she and husband Tom (Justin Theroux) split up because he was overwhelmed by her drinking and had an affair with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson). They're now married and have the child Rachel never could have, so Rachel is awash not only in gin but in self-recrimination.
She gazes twice a day at the home of Tom's neighbors, Megan (Haley Bennerr), who babysits for Anna's daughter, and Scott (Luke Evans). One day, Rachel sees Megan embracing a stranger, not knowing he's Dr. Abdic (Edgar Ramirez), Megan's shrink. When Megan goes missing, Rachel winds up in the very middle of a murder investigation.
The book, stationed in England instead of the New York suburbs of the film, was at least a trifle clearer, since everyone was easier to keep straight. Anna and Megan look so much alike, ''Train'' often uncouples our understanding with its badly engineered storytelling.
Like ''Gone Girl,'' ''The Girl on the Train'' delivers a couple of surprises. But overall, this ''Train'' doesn't track.

Hurricane recovery open house in Ormond on Wednesday, Oct. 26

Various federal, state and local agencies will join forces for a hurricane recovery open house in Ormond Beach on Wednesday, Oct. 26. The session runs 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Nova Community Center Gym, 440 N. Nova Road.

Congressman Ron DiSantis, who announced the session, stated "Federal and state agencies will be on-hand to help those who have been affected by Hurricane Matthew to submit applications and process claims. I encourage residents who have questions or need assistance to stop by and learn more about the resources available to them.”
The congressman said groups invited to take part include: American Red Cross, United Way, Catholic Charities. Florida SBDC Network, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Small Business Administration (SBA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), Florida Division of Emergency Management, Florida Department of Financial Services -- Division of Consumer Services, Volusia County Animal Control, CareerSource Flagler Volusia, and the staff of Sen. Marco Rubio.

Jeff Farance review of "Nashville"

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