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NEW CHURCH FAMILY Board of Directors
MINUTES – June 13, 2021
ATTENDEES: Board Members: Charlene Rywant, Rev. Donna Choate, Tom Brown; Visitors: Sharron Mitchell; Pam and Linda Ware.
CALL to ORDER: Charlene, president, called the meeting to order at 11:50 a.m. and offered an opening prayer. It was agreed minutes would be taken, but some non-urgent matters could be tabled until the next meeting.
AGENDA: Two items -- cell phone and FYI information on a church neighbor -- were added to the agenda prepared by Charlene. Rev. Donna moved acceptance of the expanded agenda; approved on a voice vote.
MINUTES: Rev. Donna moved acceptance of minutes as submitted by Tom, secretary. Accepted on a voice vote.
PASTOR’s REPORT: Tom asked clarification as to when Rev. Donna’s term as interim pastor expires. Donna said she has committed to serve until the Annual Business meeting in February 2022. She has not decided yet whether to seek reappointment as a regular pastor. The Pastoral Search Committee is in recess but expects to reconvene in November. Sharron, a member of the Search Committee, said the committee’s search is still open, but has advised applicant Rev. David Jolly to consider an offer from another church if he receives one. Rev. Donna will be out of state June 27; Charlene will fill the pulpit on that date. Tom moved acceptance of the pastor’s report as submitted.
TREASURER’s REPORT: Tom moved acceptance of the financial report pending further review. He said he hopes an update on the Benevolence Fund will be available at the next meeting. Rev. Donna and Charlene said the fund has approximately $600.
BUILDING REPORT: Charlene said Gil Jordan has been given a key to the building and will resume being an emergency contact for the alarm company since he lives only 2-3 miles from our property. Cha Cha Squirrel of Port Orange completed a pressure washing that removed mud dauber nests on the building’s exterior. A tarp remains in place along the west wall of the building to reduce erosion. A proposal to buy a multi-use ladder for the church was tabled. An extension ladder may be donated if it can be picked up in DeLand.
SOCIAL DIRECTOR – Sharron Mitchell has agreed to take over social-director duties, now that Bryan Poaches has moved to Orlando. The board set Aug. 1 as a target date for reviving monthly gift-card raffles. A proposal to hold a joint memorial for four recently deceased members has been dropped since relatives apparently have pursued other plans. A proposal for an outdoor craft fair in the fall remains under discussion. Rev. Donna announced she plans to supply home-cooked hot dogs for a July 4 church potluck.
OLD BUSINESS – PHONE -- Board members discussed the costs vs. benefits of our $30-a-month cell phone. Rev. Donna said the phone in recent months has received almost no calls of an urgent nature. Most are from telemarketers. Donna said she believed the church could get along with just our main number (527-5952), which includes voice mail. She said she can check voice mails each evening at 6:30. Other board members can do checks when they are in the church. Tom moved we drop the cell phone service by the next billing cycle (June or July.) Approved by voice vote.
NEW BUSINESS – MASKS – Board members agreed mask wearing in the sanctuary should become voluntary if a person is fully vaccinated. The policy will take effect June 20.
TAX BILL – Rev. Donna shared that the church has been in correspondance with the Internal Revenue Service regarding pastoral iself-employment taxes allegedly due from 2009 onward. For several years, the church hired Assist Inc., a tax management compay in Lubbock Tex., to receive our tax payments and forward them to IRS. At some point, we discontinued use of Assist. Initially IRS wanted $4000-plus but later lowered its figure. More recently, IRS has sent us a letter requiring $1,059 be paid by June 24 to avoid further interest and penalties.  Tom moved that we make the payment to IRS but reserve the right to appeal the matter further while we continue a records search. He noted the IRS letter acknowledges that the IR  received but then lost at least one of our annual returns. He added the payment should be mailed by registered mail because sometimes IRS loses documents. Tom noted that without the treasurer and bookkeeper present, it’s impossible to pinpoint when taxes became overdue, if they actually did. Motion to pay was approved by a voice vote and further discussion was tabled.
NEIGHBOR – FYI item – Tom and Charlene said the new owner of the former Animal Emergency Clinic, 3500 W. ISB., formerly operated a bottle club on Nova Road, near 8th St., in unincorporated Holly Hill.  We have not received any notice that Voluisa County has approved a change of use for the building. Charlene visited the former clinic recently after noticing cars gathering there every evening. Gil J. will continue monitoring our parking lot during nighttime drive-bys. Tom moved that we hold off from filing any complaint with the sheriff or Volusia County’s code enforcement until we have a trespassing problem. Approved by voice vote.
SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – We have three vacancies on the board. Members discussed whether we have enough members willing to fill those vacancies. If so, a special congregational meeting will have to be called. Rev. Donna suggested we revisit the issue in August.
NEXT MEETING – Charlene proposed July 11 for the board’s next regular meeting. Approved by voice vote. Charlene offered a closing prayer and the meeting adjoured 1:55 p.m.

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