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New Church Family Board of Directors – Oct 11, 2020 Meeting
Attendees: Board members Dennis Brooks, Judi OMelia, Bryan Poaches, Charlene Rywant, Tom Brown, Rev. Bill Dunlap. Absent: Keith Henry. Visitors: Jeff DeYoung, Lois Klammer, Russ Van Allen.
Board President Dennis called the meeting to order in the Jerry Corlis Conference Room at 11:50 a.m. and offered an opening prayer.
Agenda: Judi moved acceptance of the agenda submitted by Dennis, with additional items (World AIDS Day, Teresa’s Kids) offered by Rev. Bill and Tom. Charlene seconded, agenda approved on a voice vote.
September Board Minutes—Judi moved acceptance as submitted by Tom; Bryan seconded, approved by voice vote.
Pastor’s Report – Written report accepted as submitted for the Sept. 13-Oct. 10 period. Tom thanked the pastor for doing 24 visits over the month, noting the increased personal contact was a board priority.
President’s Oral Report – Dennis outlined the Blessing of the Animals event on Oct. 10, and Keith’s hanging of memorial plaques designating the Jeff Farance Library and the Jerry Corlis Conference Room.
Vice President’s Oral Report – Charlene recommended the church consider replacing the refrigerator, which is at least 10 years old, because of its ice-making jams and leaks. The board agreed we will seek a donation first before pricing a used or new appliance. (Width of refrigerator space is 36 inches, per Keith.) Charlene also recommended we consider buying a 10-by-10-foot canopy for outdoor events if we cannot locate the one we had used previously.
Lift Station – Charlene recommended we consider buying a $400 a year service contract for our lift station. In the meantime, we will continue weekly flushing of the sewage line. (The line and lift pump is owned by us, not Volusia County.) No action taken.
Treasurer’s Report – Judi noted that September expenses in the General Fund totaled $2254, while income was $1965, resulting in a $288 shortfall for the month. For the Jan-Sept. 9-month period, however, cumulative income has exceeded expenses by $339. She submitted line-item figures for the General Fund, Building Fund and Benevolence Fund. (on file)
Social Director’s Written Report – Bryan said the church has started collecting food for the Teresa’s Kids project. The church will be mentioning Native Americans and veterans during upcoming services. It also will be reminding members to vote in the November election. Bryan asked the board its intentions for observing Thanksgiving. Dennis and Jeff said they felt the Covid-19 pandemic made it too risky for the church to continue its usual turkey potluck dinner. Rest of board agreed (no formal vote.) We will hope for improved circumstances next fall.
Bryan moved we give our monthly Outstanding Service Award to Wayne McLean for his work on beautifying the sanctuary and helping the pastor update our “Who We Are” brochure for newcomers. Tom seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Memorials – Covid-19 concerns have delayed potential in-person memorials for Frank Olzewski, Jerry Corlis, Dave Leathers and Jim Cruzan. Tom moved that with the continuing uncertainty about the virus, we plan a joint remembrance of the four deceased members at our Memorial Sunday service in 2021, notifying the families of all four. Charlene seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Dennis noted we’re still working out details for transferring some of our front-door information to the entrance sign.
 Rev. Bill, Tom and Charlene said they intend to visit the First Step Homeless Shelter at 3889 W. ISB to get acquainted with its program.
 Tom moved we earmark the November Benevolence Collection for the Teresa’s Kids Christmas project. He also moved we authorize the treasurer to release donations left over from 2019, giving the project about a $500 head start. Approved on a voice vote.
 Rev. Bill informed the board that the Community Health organization has asked permission to use our parking lot for a Dec. 1 World AIDS Day outdoor observance. The 7 p.m. event is to be organized and publicized by Community Health. Judi asked that we make sure the sponsor provides an insurance certificate assuming liability for the event. Charlene voted approval of the event, Judi seconded. Approved on a voice vote. The contact person is Bill Hall, 386-301-9309.
 Rev. Bill informed the board he and Wayne will be away for the Nov. 8 service to visit relatives in Ohio. Dennis will arrange a guest preacher.

Next board meeting – The board set noon Nov. 8 for its November meeting. Rev. Bill offered a closing prayer, and the meeting adjourned 1 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Brown, secretary.

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