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Items discussed at our Oct. 11, 2020 monthly board meeting included:
 Approved the earmarking of the November Benevolence Collection for the Teresa’s Kids project. Bookkeeper Jeff DeYoung reported that about $500 in early donations already has been received.
 Approved a Dec. 1 World AIDS Day program that will be presented at 7 p.m. by Community Outreach in our parking lot. The free event will include HIV testing, prevention information and music, but no barbecue. We are asking the organization to show proof of liability insurance. Community Outreach will handle publicity.
 Discussed whether to sign up for a $400 yearly maintenance policy for our sewage lift station. (The station is our property and our responsibility, not covered by our $515 annual county stormwater fee.) No decision was reached. In the meantime, we will continue flushing our sewage line weekly to make sure the pump performs adequately.
 Discussed our aging refrigerator and its chronic icemaking jams and leaks, a problem since we moved into our building 8 years ago. We will seek a donation of a new or used refrigerator-freezer before considering a purchase. (Our refrigerator space is approx. 32 in. wide.)
 Discussed the possibility of buying a 10-by-10-foot canopy for outdoor events if one isn’t found in our attic.
 Decided that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis forces us to give up our Thanksgiving Sunday potluck tradition. Hopefully, by next fall, a vaccine will allow us to revive the gathering.
 Decided that members who have died in recent months will be honored jointly with special remembrances during our annual Memorial Sunday observance in May. The departed include Frank Olszewski, Jerry Corlis, Dave Leathers and Jim Cruzan. This will be in lieu of individual memorials.

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