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BOARD MEMBERS ATTENDING: Dennis Brooks, Judi OMelia, Keith Henry, Bryan Poaches, Tom Brown. Absent: Charlene Rywant, illness. Spectators: Jeff DeYoung, Rev. Bill Dunlap, Wayne McLean.

President Dennis called the meeting to order in the conference room at 11:49 a.m. and offered an opening prayer. Attendees wore masks as a Covid-19 precaution.
Agenda: Keith moved acceptance as submitted; Bryan seconded. Accepted on voice vote.
July board Minutes: Keith moved acceptance as submitted; Judi seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
President’s Report: Dennis briefly outlined efforts to keep the building sanitary.
Agenda Update: Keith moved that all Old Business be tabled; Tom seconded. Approved on voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report: Jeff distributed July and Jan.-July financial reports, noting that July income was affected by the cancellation of one service because of a hurricane warning. Jeff reported noted that our insurance agent Mel Himes quoted us $561 to provide a year of mandatory workers compensation insurance for four paid staff (pastor) bookkeeper, cleaner and landscaper. He said the quote was slightly lower than last year’s expense. Keith moved approval of the purchase; Bryan seconded. Approved on a voice vote. Jeff also reported that Volusia County has informed us that a developer plans to build an RV park on vacant land near our western property line. A county hearing was held and the project was approved. We are pursuing details.

(Detailed line-item financial reports are available at church for review.)

Building & Grounds Report: Keith is working on obtaining alarm system batteries. He is checking on a possible lift station problem after Char reported a sewage odor two weeks ago. He will contact the Daytona Beach Utilities Dept. to see if the station’s pump is malfunctioning. If so, the contractor who installed the pump will be contacted. Keith suggested a plexiglass version of our starburst logo be fastened to our entrance sign to make it more weatherproof. He also is checking on the cost of getting the ground lighting near the sign operating again. Regarding locks, he displayed four programmable door locks that can be rekeyed whenever the need arises, at no additional cost. He is updating a list of emergency church contacts for the Habitech alarm company.
Social director: Bryan reported he and Char are working on updating member contact information. Members will have the option of listing a next of kin and a doctor if they desire. Contact information is kept confidential. T-shirts are to be ordered soon, and should be available for the Sept. 6 Church Pride Sunday. Bryan noted the pastor has suggested a “Blessing of the Animals” event in early October. Tom reported two memorial plaques honoring Jeff Farance and Jerry Corlis have been ordered from Signs of the Times in New Smyrna Beach. A donation is covering the cost.

NEW BUSINESS – Finalizing of pastoral covenant. Rev. Bill said the proposed covenant was broadly acceptable to him. His main concern was whether a 20-hour work week is realistic for monitoring the church phone 24/7. Dennis responded that the board is trying to make the pastor’s schedule as flexible as possible. The pastor will have discretion to decide which calls are true emergencies – such as hospitalizations – and which are cases of loneliness. He said board members are willing to assist with visits to the extent that hospital rules allow them during the Covid-19 emergency. Dennis, who has been monitoring the phone since Rev. Donna’s resignation in February, said he has had to handle only a couple of church emergency calls over 5 months. Tom suggested we play it by ear – if the pastor becomes overloaded with chitchat calls, board members can help in responding to them. Rev. Bill said his focal point will be Sunday morning, when the congregation is all together, and he can touch base with many members. He added that he intends to hold office hours at the church for at least part of a weekday. He noted that sermon preparation usually takes 10 hours or more. Tom noted that 3 congregational surveys in recent years all underscored that members’ No. 1 desire from church is a powerful sermon. Keith noted that the board intends to take care of financial and property issues. They won’t be part of the pastor’s workload. Regarding benefits, Rev. Bill said he may want leeway to take an extra week of unpaid vacation this year if the pandemic allows him and Wayne to travel north. Board members said that would be no problem. The covenant will run until Jan 31, 2021, and then will be automatically renewed through Jan. 31, 2022, if the pastor and board agree. A further term as pastor will require congregational approval at the Annual Meeting in Feb. 2022. The covenant will be signed next Sunday, Aug. 16.
Next Board Meeting – The September monthly meeting was set for Sept 13 after service.
ADJOURNMENT – Judi moved for adjournment, at 1:30 p.m., Keith seconded. Approved on a voice vote. Rev. Bill led us in closing prayer.

Submitted by Tom Brown, secretary

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