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New Church Family Special Congregational Meeting -- June 28 2020
NCF Board President Dennis Brooks called the special congregational meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. in the church sanctuary. Following a show of hands and a ballot sign-in, Dennis certified that 15 of the church’s 28 voting members in good standing were present, more than satisifying the 20 percent quorum requirement.
Agenda: Keith Henry moved acceptance of the agenda prepared by the board and posted two weeks ago. Teresa Wright seconded. Tom Brown moved the agenda be expanded by adding Item 3A – That the congregation wishes to dedicate the church library in memory of Jeff Farance and the church conference room in memory of Jerry Corlis. Charlene Rywant seconded the amendment, accepted by a voice vote. The amended agenda was then accepted on a voice vote.
Dedications: Charlene Rywant moved approval of the two dedications proposed by Tom. Judi Omelia seconded. Approved on a voice vote.
Special Board Elections: Dennis noted three of the six board seats have become vacant since the Annual Meeting in February. Nominees were needed to fill out the terms of Jerry Corlis and Colette Bernard, both expiring February 2022; and the term of Bonnie Frazee, expiring February 2021. Charlene Rywant and Judi Omelia said they are willing to serve until Feb. 2022; Tom Brown said he would commit to serving until February 2021. There was brief discussion of the impact of a year-old bylaw that forbids board members from being compensated for performing board duties. Jeff De Young, NCF’s paid bookkeeper, noted the bylaw prevented him from seeking a board seat. He recommended the congregation reconsider the bylaw next year. Dennis noted that Judi’s cleaning stipend could continue since the bylaws do not make cleaning an official board duty.
Pastoral Search: Dennis, speaking on behalf of the Pastoral Search Committee, recommended the congregation issue a call to Rev. William Dunlap, currently serving as interim pastor. Dennis said the committee felt that Rev. Bill was the best qualified of the 3 candidates who formally applied for the position. (The other two were Chaplain David Jolly and lay minister Alice Lewis.) Dennis noted Rev. Bill has been active in planning worship – choosing Bible passages and recommending hymns and prayers – and Rev. Bill’s partner, Wayne McLean, has been helping with greeting and Communion. Dennis also noted a background check gave Rev. Bill a perfect report. Two other search committee members – Russ Van Allen and Bryan Poaches, said they had made telephone calls and received positive reports about Rev. Bill from churches where he formerly served. Teresa commended Rev. Bill’s sermons and Bible knowledge. Bonnie questioned whether members have had enough time to evaluate Rev. Bill and ask about his plans for the church. Others noted members have been conversing informally with Rev. Bill for several weeks. Dennis clarified that issuing a call did not mean Rev. Bill is hired immediately; the board will start negotiating with Rev. Bill on a two-year covenant spelling out his compensation and part-time duties.
VOTES: Dennis then asked members to fill out secret ballots for the board and pastor and deposit them in a jar. Jeff De Young and Jim Bradley served as voting tellers.
Jeff announced these results: Board seats: Judi Omelia – 12 yes; 2 no; 1 abstention; Charlene Rywant 12 yes; 2 no; 1 abstention; Tom Brown, 15 yes. All three were elected.
Pastor (75 percent majority required) – 14 for Rev. Bill Dunlap; 1 write-in for “Mickey Mouse.” Rev. Bill to be called.
Dennis gave a closing prayer. Don Brown moved for adjournment; Jim Bradley seconded. Meeting adjourned 12:20 p.m.

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