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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting – July 12, 2020
Board Member Attendees: Dennis Brooks, Bryan Poaches, Keith Henry, Charlene Rywant, Tom Brown. Absent: Judi OMelia, ill. Others attending: Jeff DeYoung.
Dennis called the meeting to order in the boardroom at noon and gave an opening prayer.
A proposed agenda was amended by adding item 11E, Trash Expense. Tom moved acceptance, Bryan seconded. Accepted by voice vote. Previous minutes for the June monthly meeting, Special Congregational Meeting and Organizational Meeting – Bryan moved acceptance; Keith seconded; accepted on a voice vote. Tom asked board members to notify him if they notice any changes needed.
Pastor’s Report – None.
President’s Report – Dennis said he will ask the board at a later date to consider bylaw changes (see below.) Regarding worship segments, Dennis said Rev. Bill prefers not to prepare PowerPoint files, but supplies prayers, Scripture passages and music suggestions.
Vice President’s Report – Charlene said so far 15 t-shirts with the church’s starburst cross logo are on order. Delivery is expected in about a month. Char said she and Bryan are working on updating membership contact information. She noted our church is helping UCC New Smyrna with aspects of its ministry to the homeless, including donations of surplus clothing.
Treasurer’s Report – Jeff, as bookkeeper, handed out financial reports for June and the Jan-June period. He noted both income and expenses are under budget, but the church is running a surplus of about $1250 for the six-month period.
Building & Grounds – Keith will arrange for obtaining new lock tumblers and keys. We are updating our list of which people respond to the church’s alarm system.
Social Director’s Report – At Teresa Wright’s suggestion, the church is holding off on collecting back to school supplies. Other organizations are working on this project. In observance of Church Pride Month during September, members will be encouraged to wear church T-shirts and/or buttons on Sept. 4.
PLAQUES -- Tom offered to research cost of memorial plaques honoring Jeff Farance and Jerry Corlis. Board authorized him to make a purchase at reasonable cost.
MARQUEE -- Jeff will seek quotes for adding the new church logo to the entrance sign. It would be positioned approximately where the old logo previously was displayed.
WORKERS COMP – Jeff will check with the church’s insurance agent Mel Himes on whether workers comp insurance is required or recommended for the pastor, bookkeeper and landscaper.
FINANCIAL SIGS – Charlene will organize a date for board members to report to a SunTrust branch. The signers will be Dennis, Judi, Charlene, and Keith. Keith also will join Judi as a signer on the Morgan Stanley investment account. Bonnie Frazee, former board member, will no longer have signing authority.
WORD UP SURVEY – Tom distributed handouts summarizing responses from 11 people who took part in a newsletter survey. (Word Up has more than 600 subscribers.) He said the board can discuss the summary at a later point if it wishes.
VIDEOS – Tom said he and Slava, our video tech, would like to make two brief videos – one showing our sanctuary with spaced seating and other virus precautions, the other would introduce Rev. Bill as our pastor after his covenant is finalized and approved. Slava is volunteering his services. Members as usual will be given the option of not being photographed. Dennis moved approval, Charlene seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
BYLAW AMENDMENTS – Dennis said he will ask the board at a later point to consider changing bylaws pertaining to notifications of special board meetings. Also, he would like to correct ambiguity on how absentee votes can be cast at congregational meetings. Jeff will ask the next Annual Meeting to reconsider the bylaw that forbids board members to receive compensation related to their duties.
TRASH – Jeff noted Republic Services’ monthly bill for weekly trash pick-up jumped from $72 in May to $94 in June. POST-MEETING UPDATE – Judi notified the board that she contacted Republic and reduced the pick-up schedule to every other week, which will reduce the monthly bill for $54.
COVENANT – The board informally discussed terms of a covenant draft prepared by Dennis that will be presented to Rev. Bill for further negotiation. The board amended the term of the covenant to synchronize it with the church’s Annual Meeting schedule. With the change, the initial phase of the covenant would run from Aug. 1, 2020, through Feb. 1, 2021. The board will then have authority to extend the covenant an additional year to Feb. 1, 2022. Any further extension of the covenant would require affirmation by board and congregation. Compensation figures for a 20-hour part-time work week were approved as submitted in the draft, but the board will let the pastor decide whether the compensation is reported as a salary, stipend and/or housing allowance. A provision concerning overtime was deleted. The board agreed to let the pastor set his own working hours and locations beyond the four hours required for Sunday
MEETING DATE – Aug 9 was set for the next board meeting.
Dennis gave a closing prayer and board adjourned at 1:51 p.m.

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