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NEW CHURCH FAMILY Board of Directors Meeting June 7, 2020 -- MINUTES
Attendees: Board Members -- Dennis Brooks, Bryan Poaches and Keith Henry. Absent: Bonnie Frazee. Two board seats are vacant.
Visitors: Judi Omelia, Charlene Rywant, Lois Klammer, Dave McBride, Jeff De Young, Russ Van Allen, Sharon Mitchell, Tom Brown.
Dennis Brooks, presiding, called the meeting to order in the NCF sanctuary at 12:10 p.m. and gave an opening prayer. Dennis asked Tom Brown to record minutes in the absence of a board secretary. Distanced seating was observed.
Keith moved approval of an agenda submitted by Dennis; Bryan seconded. Accepted on a voice vote.
Bryan moved approval of the minutes of the March 8 board meeting, the last formal board meeting held before the church suspended operations March 22 because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Keith seconded. Accepted by a voice vote. Dennis noted the March 8 meeting was recorded by Bonnie, and summarized as minutes by himself.
Pastor’s report – Tabled.
President’s Report – Dennis touched on several recent changes in the church: the death of board vice president and church co-founder Jerry Corlis, 83; Charlene Rywant has volunteered to take over many of Jerry’s duties, including maintaining membership and attendance records and the greeting-card ministry; special cleaning to sanitize the church; temporary limits on kitchen use during the pandemic; revival of Game Days, and Dennis’s request that Rev. Bill Dunlap, a pastoral applicant, fill in as interim pastor while the Pastoral Search Committee continues its work.
Vice President’s Report – Tabled
Treasurer’s Report – In the treasurer’s absence, Bookkeeper Jeff DeYoung distributed financial reports he compiled for March, April and May, and a Year to Date recap as of May 31. He noted that the church has achieved a surplus of $652 on tithes and income totaling $7180 for the January- to-May period. He said most of the tithes have come from the core group of about 25 regular attenders this year. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted.
Building and grounds – No items requiring board action.
Social Director – Nothing to report.
Cookbook project – Tabled
Marquee enhancement – Dennis noted that Bonnie had not yet submitted a quote for a marquee redesign (i.e. adding our starburst cross logo to the entrance sign.) Keith reported that Stan R. has donated a magnetic vinyl banner to cover the original sign, but metal plates are needed to anchor the banner. Jeff questioned whether the banner would be hurricane-proof. Dennis will confer with Stan on the next step needed for this project.
Parking lot painting -- Stan has completed some of the striping. Dave noted two handicapped spaces still have to be painted, and yellow paint applied to curbing and bump stops. Jeff noted paint is on hand and the project is close to completion.
Jeff Farance Library Plaque – No quote has been received from Bonnie yet on a plaque purchase. Bryan moved that the church also purchase a Jerry Corlis dedication plaque for the conference room in anticipation of the congregation approving both dedication proposals later this month. Keith seconded. Approved by voice vote.
Pastoral Search Committee Report: Dennis said the committee is getting close to making a recommendation to the board on calling a pastor. If the board agrees with the recommendation, the proposal would be presented to a Congregational Meeting, along with terms of a pastoral covenant (salary, benefits, hours, etc.)
A. Congregational Meeting: The board approved Dennis’ scheduling of a congregational meeting after the worship service June 28 to fill board vacancies and possibly to vote on calling a pastor. Dave reminded the board it will have to update its voting list prior to the meeting.
B. Cleaning: Keith moved the church continue paying Judi Omelia $50 a week for cleaning services. Bryan seconded. Dennis remarked that weekly cleaning is necessary because of ongoing pandemic concerns. Approved by a voice vote.
C. Memorials: Plans to hold memorial services for Jerry Corlis and Frank Olszewski were tabled. The church is waiting to hear from relatives of the two men on when they may feel safe to travel to Daytona.
D. Lawn service: Dennis reported Brion, our landscaping contractor, is willing to sign a waiver of liability (i.e. an agreement not to file a claim against the church if he is injured on the job). Dennis noted another lawn firm submitted a quote to the church, but Brion’s price remains lower.
E. Morgan Stanley Account – Jeff reported that with board turnover in recent months, we have Bonnie as the only board member who is a signer of the M-S investment account, currently worth about $45,000. Keith moved we withdraw Bonnie’s authority to sign pending further changes in the board’s make-up; seconded by Bryan, approved by a voice voice. Judi Omelia continues as a signer on the account from her previous service on the board.
F. Status of Treasurer – Dennis reported that Bonnie has failed to perform many of the duties of treasurer since February, leaving it to the bookkeeper and president to sign checks, count tithes, make deposits, prepare financial reports and oversee bills. Dennis said pastoral applicant Alice Lewis had emailed Bonnie about the church’s eligibility for Payroll Protection grants from the federal government, and Bonnie had failed to relay that information to the board. He said she also has failed to respond to other emails and telephone messages. There was lengthy discussion about whether Bonnie should be sent a warning letter or simply dismissed from the board. Dennis remarked he felt he no longer could work with Bonnie, and noted that several church members have complained about her attitude. Judi read a church bylaw that says the board has broad authority to discipline or dismiss any church leader who fails to perform duties. Keith moved that the board dismiss Bonnie from office. Bryan seconded, Approved on a 3-0 vote. Bryan moved that the board inform Bonnie of her dismissal by sending her a registered letter, signed by the three other board members. Keith seconded. Approved 3-0. Under church bylaws, the treasurer has the right to appeal the dismissal to a congregational meeting.


Jeff reminded the building manager to change air-conditioning filters as needed. He also urged that a roll of carpeting sitting in the library be moved elsewhere because people are tripping over it. He also noted there is uncertainty about who possesses keys to the church. Bryan moved that we review and update the key list, and change lock tumblers after board vacancies are filled. Keith seconded. Approved by a voice voice.

Next meeting: Dennis recommended July 12 noon for the board’s next monthly meeting. Accepted on a voice voice.

Dave McBride gave a closing prayer, and meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Brown, volunteer.

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