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The congregation of New Church Family will gather at noon Sunday, Feb. 9, for its 2020 Annual Meeting.

Here is the tentative agenda prepared by the board of directors:

1. Call to Order – Opening Prayer
2. Certification of quorum – Need 20% of active membership
3. Acceptance of this Agenda for 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting
4. Acceptance of last year’s Annual Meeting minutes (2/19)
5. Discussion and approval of 2020 Budget ($34,100, down from 2019 spending of $37,707)
6. Election of Board Members for open seats in 2020: To run for the NCF Board of Directors
you must have been a member of NCF for at least 6 months and be willing and able to perform
the job duties presented in the Bylaws. There are three open seats, each with a two-year term.
7. Discussion of Bylaw interpretation of quorum for board meetings
8. Discussion of goals for 2020:
9. Other New Business:
10. Announcement of the Board of Directors election results.
11. Adjournment and Closing Prayer
This meeting is to be followed by a brief Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors with
the newly elected members in the conference room. The meeting will allow the Board to elect its
officers for the year. The meeting is open to all who wish to attend.

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