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New Church Family Board Meeting Jan. 7, 2020 5 p.m.

1. Call to Order in NCF Conference Room

a. Opening Prayer:

b. Note attendees:

2. Review and Acceptance of Agenda

3. Acceptance of Minutes

4. Pastor’s Report

5. President’s Report

6. Vice President’s Report

7. Treasurer’s Report

a. 2020 Budget BOD approval

8. Building And Grounds Director Report

9. Social Director’s Report

a. NCF Board Of Directors’ Award

b. Donation Letter

10. Old Business

a. Cookbook:

b. Jeff Farance Library Plaque

c. Pastoral Search Committee

d. Renovation of our church marquee.

11. New Business
a. First Step Shelter
b. Appointment of a Director Of Liturgy

c. Game Day schedule for February

e. Notify the congregation of upcoming NCF Annual Meeting

f. Office Hours

12. Agenda Additions from the Floor

a. Pledge Drive



13. Next Meeting Date, Feb 09, 2020

14. Adjournment and prayer

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