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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2019
Board Members present: Dennis Brooks; Jerry Corlis; Bonnie “T-Bear” Frazee; Bryan
Guest present: Bob Austin; Tom Brown; Jeff DeYoung.
Call to order: Dennis Brooks, Board President called the meeting to order at 5:13 pm.
Opening Prayer: Opening prayer was given by Dennis Brooks.
Review and Acceptance of Agenda: Motion by Bryan Poaches; second by T-Bear to
accept the Agenda. Motion passed.
Acceptance of Minutes: Bryan Poaches told that his name was misspelled in paragraph
2. Motion by Bryan Poaches; second by T-Bear to accept the amended minutes. Motion
Pastor's Report: The Pastor's Report was passed out. Motion by Jerry Corlis; second by
Bryan Poaches to accept the report. Motion passed.
President's Report: President Brooks reported that he, Rev. Donna Choate, Bonnie
Frazee and Bryan Poaches have been put on all accounts to sign checks and etc. Motion
by Jerry Corlis, second by T-Bear to accept the report. Motion passed.
Vice-President's Report: At this time there was nothing to report.
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Frazee and Bookkeeper Jeff DeYoung handed out the
Treasurer's Report. The Internal Audit found no discrepancies. Operation Teresa's
Needy Kids will get $700. Budget Committee needs to start meeting and come up with
the budget for 2020 asap. Motion by Jerry Corlis, second by Bryan Poaches to accept the
report. Motion passed.
Building and Grounds Report: Building and Grounds manager Frazee reported she is
getting bids on Peel & Stick and Vinyl signs for the sign out front of Church. Trash
disposal has increased to $75 a month. Motion by Bryan Poaches, second by Jerry Corlis
to accept the report. Motion passed.
Social Director's Report: Director Poaches reported that Church event dates will be
discussed later in the meeting. Motion by T-Bear, second by Jerry Corlis to accept the
report. Motion passed.
Old Business:
Cookbook: The Board will talk to Dave McBride about the status of the cookbook. Tabled until next meeting.
Business Cards and Banner: Dennis Brooks had Business Cards and a Banner and
Yard Sign made and donated to the Church. Motion by Bryan Poaches, second by T-Bear to accept the donation and use them. Motion passed.
Stationary: It was suggested to use the Business Card as the heading for the Stationery.
It will be announced at the Forum on Nov. 17th if anyone would like to do the Stationery
design. If no one wants to then the Board will handle it. Jeff Farance Library Plaque Dedication: T-Bear and Rev. Donna Choate will handle this.
New Business:
Pastoral Search Committee presents packet: The Pastoral Search Committee
presented the “Employment Packet” to the Board. Salary and etc. was a big discussion.
Motion by Bryan Poaches, second by Jerry Corlis to temporarily accept the packet
pending on everyone going over it and reporting back by November 17th. Motion passed.
Schedule of who will fill in for services after Rev. Donna Choate leaves: It will be
brought up at the Forum on Nov. 17th asking anyone if they would like to fill in.
Tabled till December meeting.
Church Social excursion: Social Director Poaches informed the Board of a Social
excursion to see the musical “The Color Purple” on March 16th
at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach. Tickets will be $25 and Dinner will be $14. They will
start announcing it at the Forum on November 17th and posting it on Facebook page for
anyone wanting to go to see Bryan Poaches.
NCF Board of Directors' Award: Social Director Poaches has a program he is wanting
to start at NCF to award members for their service to NCF. The Congregation can
nominate someone on a form he has for the monthly service award. The Board will then
pick one and they will be given a Certificate and their picture posted on the Bulletin
Board. He also wants a Human Rights Award to be given to someone once a year on
Human Rights Day. This would be a plaque and holding a Continental Breakfast after
service. Bryan Poaches will be the head of these programs. Motion by Jerry Corlis,
second by T-Bear to approve the program. Motion passed.
Renovation of our Church marquee (down by the street): This was talked about
during the Building and Manager's Report. T-Bear to head this.
Upcoming Church events: November 24th – Thanksgiving Dinner after service;
December 1 – Monthly potluck; December 22nd
– Christmas dinner, gift exchange, Hanukkah and Blue Christmas all on that one day; January 19
Th – Church will recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Day and Human Rights Day. Motion by T-Bear, second by Jerry C. to recognize a Local Leader for Human Rights Day in January 2020. Motion passed;
January 19th could possibly be Rev. Donna Choate's last day; March 8th – Women's
History Month recognition.
Location of minutes of last Annual Meeting: Bob Austin showed the Board where the
minutes were stored. Bookcase by front desk.
Budget proposal for next year: T-Bear, Jeff DeYoung and Jerry Corlis will be the
Budget Committee to work on the budget for 2020.
Rainbow Alliance request for a donation: Tom Brown presented a request to the
Board for a donation to the Rainbow Alliance to help with scholarships for LGBTQ
youth. Motion by Bryan Poaches, second by Jerry Corlis to have half of the March Benevolence
Offering given to the Rainbow Alliance. Motion passed.
Agenda Additions from the Floor:
Storm Water Fees: Bookkeeper DeYoung stated that the fee is $512.52 due by
November 30 th . Motion by T-Bear, 2nd by Bryan Poaches to take the fee out of the
Building Fund to pay it before penalties are added. Motion passed.
Donation Letters to be sent out: Bryan Poaches informed the Board that he will be
sending out Donation Letters to several asking for donations to NCF.
Letter from Rev. Alan Austin: Rev. Alan Austin sent a letter to the Board asking that
his membership in NCF be removed. He is starting his own Ministry “He Carries Me
Over Ministries” and according to the By-Laws of that Ministry he cannot belong to
another Church. He informed them that he still will be visiting NCF regularly. Motion
by Bryan Poaches, second by T-Bear to approve removing his membership. Motion
Set meeting date for December: December 10th was set for the next Board Meeting at 5 pm.
Adjourn and closing prayer: Motion by Jerry Corlis, second by T-Bear to adjourn.
Motion passed. Adjourned at 8:00 pm. Closing prayer was given by Dennis Brooks.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Austin
Acting Secretary

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