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Call to Order – Opening prayer – Note attendees
a. Called to order at 5:16PM
b. Opening Prayer given by Rev. Donna
c. In attendance – Board Members Judi O, Char R, Jerry N, & Bonnie F, Rev Donna,
Member Emeritus Gerry C, and Frank O
2. Review and Acceptance of the agenda
a. Motion made by Donna C, seconded by Char R, unanimous approval
3. Acceptance of the minutes of the June 5th Board meeting & July 20 Special Board Meeting
a. June 5th Board Meeting Acceptance of Minutes tabled to next Board Meeting
b. July 20, 2019 Board Meeting minutes – Motion by Rev Donna to accept, seconded by Bonnie F, unanimous approval
4. Pastor’s Report
a. The Women’s Ministry has been disbanded. The money in their treasury was turned over - $571.60. $500.00 was designated for Teresa’s Kids in the upcoming Christmas season and $71.60 was designated for donation to the Veteran’s Nursing Home Activties / Arts & Crafts. The money for the Veteran’s Nursing Home was delivered by Char R.
b. The report was given for both June & July 2019.
5. President’s Report
a. Judi O tendered her resignation as President of the Board of Directors. Char R was then elevated from Vice President to President of the Board. Judi O was then nominated to be moved to the Treasurer position. Rev Donna C motioned to accept and Bonnie F seconded. Voted 4 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed and Judi O was appointed Treasurer
b. Motion made by Judi O to make Jerry N Secretary, seconded by Rev Donna. Motion passed Vote 4 in favor, 1 abstention
c. Judi O has been researching the Pastoral Search process. Has found the information from the previous Pastoral Nominating Committee from 2013 which included a booklet on how to perform a Pastoral Search. Will continue the process so that when the Committee is formed, they will have a starting point.
6. Vice President’s Report
a. Char R indicated she will continue to maintain the attendance records after her being made President with the resignation of Judi O as President and move to Treasurer.
b. Char R. will be working on the attendance, etc. in preparation for the Special Congregational Meeting to elect new Board members to complete the terms of Jeff D.
(Feb 2020) and Bob A (Feb 2021)
c. Read a letter received from the Veterans Council of Volusia County that runs the activities and arts & crafts for the Veteran’s Nursing Home, thanking us for our donation for the 120 residents of the Emory L Bennett Veterans Nursing Home to purchase items needed. This money is greatly appreciated as they only have a budget of $250 per month.
d. Motion made by Jerry N and seconded by Bonnie F to accept report, unanimously approved.
7. Treasurer’s Report
a. Given by Judi O who has been handling the Treasurer position since the resignation of Jeff D as Treasurer, effective July 31, 2019
b. Reviewed Tithes Analysis and Budget vs Expenses thru June 30, 2019
c. Reviewed Profit & Loss for January – June 2019 for the General Fund, the Building Fund, and the Benevolence Fund
d. Reviewed July 2019 Monthly Profit & Loss for the General Fund, the Building Fund, and the Benevolence Fund. The General Fund showed a loss of $846.23 for the month of  July 2019
e. Reviewed Profit & Loss for January – July 2019 for the General Fund, the Building Fund, snd the Benevolence Fund. The General Fund showed a loss of $149.08 thru July 31, 2019.
f. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report as read by Rev Donna C and seconded by Bonnie. Approved as read.
8. Building Report
a. Peep holes have been installed. Dead bolts changed and new keys have been issued to Board Members & Rev. Donna. Air filters were purchased and changed.
Looking into Air Reed as supplier of filters as we have dimensions out of the norm.
b. Cleaning has been done primarily by Bonnie F. since Bob & Alan left the cleaning position at the end of July. Was to be done by volunteers but not many have stepped up. Rev Donna suggested compensating Bonnie F by allowing her to purchase $50.00 of diesel per month as she is coming to the church numerous times per week to clean. Motion was made by Rev Donna and seconded by Jerry N. Unanimously approved.
c. Motion to accept Building Report as read. Unanimously accepted
9. Social Director’s Report
10. Old Business
a. Cookbook Update – Dave M said he would get it to the printer in September so we will have it in time for holiday sales.
- Still in progress. Will get an update from David M when he returns from vacation
b. Logo Contest Update – Stan was going to do some revisions and let us know. There have been comments regarding the Logo showing an X thru the cross. This was discussed and made known that it was done in Paint. Needs to be converted to a format useful to be able to use on business cards, letterhead, etc. Char R indicated she had a program that might convert it. Otherwise, there will be a need to hire someone to do so. Will revisit at the September Board meeting.
c. Carpet Fund – Update from Bonnie as to whether the process to get quotes has begun. Bonnie is going to get some further clarification on the quotes received to date and give an update at the September Board meeting. Hoping to have the carpeting installed in September or October.
11. New Business
a. Pastoral Nominating Committee – Need to get this formed as soon as possible to begin the process. Judi O has found the book from the last search committee and will be going out on the internet to find more info to get them started.
1. Char R, Bonnie F, and Gerry C as Member Emeritus indicated they would like to be on the Pastoral Nominating Committee as Board representatives. Frank O indicated he would like to be on the Committee as a congregational member. Pam B. also previously expressed interested in being on the Committee.
2. It will be taken to the Congregation on Sunday, August 11th to make it known to a Board member if they are interested in being on the committee.
b. Set a date for the special meeting for election of 2 new board members. We need to give 2 weeks advance notice so we are probably looking at September 1, 2019.
1. Char R is working on the attendance and member records for quorum numbers needed for the Special Congregational Meeting.
2. The positions to be filled are Vice President & Social Director.
3. Jerry C indicated he is interested in running for one of the seats.
4. It will be taken to the Congregation on Sunday, August 11th to make it known to a Board Member if someone is interested in running.
5. Special Congregational Meeting was set for September 8, 2019
c. Need to discuss the reinvestment of approximately $12,500 in the cash portion of Morgan Stanley from a called bond.
1. Sun Trust called one of the bonds we had in our portfolio and there is now approximately $17,500.00 in the cash portion of our Morgan Stanley portfolio. Not
making us any money sitting there. Need to move it back into an investment to have it continue to make us money.
2. Judi O is awaiting paperwork from Morgan Stanley to remove Jeff D as Treasurer and have her listed as Treasurer in order to talk to them. Going to look at investing back between $12,000 & $12,500 back into a bond. Will also discuss possible highly rated stocks that pay a regular dividend.
d. Setting a policy for the admittance of service dogs ensuring they have the proper training and not just paperwork for certification
1. Examined the Florida ADA site regarding service animals. Churches are exempt from the Title 2 & Title 3 ADA requirements regarding service animals and policy can be made to not allow any service animals.
2. Board discussed and determined that no animals would be allowed for the comfort of those congregants that are allergic or phobic.
12. Set Sep ’19 Meeting Date
Next meeting was set for Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 5PM
13. Adjournment and prayer
Meeting was adjourned at 8:48PM and prayer was given by Char R.

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