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New Church Family -- Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2019
Board members present: Bob A.; Char R.; T-Bcar; Rev. Donna C.; Angel O.; Judi O.; Jerry N.
Guest present: Dave M.; Frank O.; Keith H.; Michael F.
1. Call to order and Opening Prayer: The meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm. Opening
prayer was given by Rev. Donna C.
2. Review and Acceptance of the agenda: Motion by Rev. Donna C. and second by T-Bear to
accept the agenda as handed out. Motion passed.
3. Review of Congregational Meeting Minutes for February 24th: Motion by Jerry N. and second
by Char R. to accept and submit at the next Congregational Meeting for approval. Motion passed.
4. Review and Acceptance of the minutes of the February 24th Board Meeting: Motion by Rev.
Donna C. and second by Jerry N. to accept the minutes as handed out. Motion Passed.
5. Pastor's Report: The Pastor's Report was handed out. Rev. Donna C. will be on vacation April 7
- 13. Memorial Service for Jeff Farance will be on April 6th at 11 am at NCF. The 3rd Sunday of
each month will be “Movie Sunday.” Much discussion on membership proposal (voting and no
voting status). Alan Austin will be in charge of the Mother's Day Celebration on May 12th.
The May monthly potluck will be changed to the second Sunday May 12th. Motion by Bob Austin second
by T-Bear to accept Pastor's Report.
6. President's Report: none.
r- oo

Vice President's Report: Things are going smoothly, working with Dave M. learning reports.
Need emergency contacts from members so Pastor has access to it in case of a emergency.
Treasurer's Report: In absence of the Treasurer Jeff D. Board President Judi O. gave the report.
Jeff and Judi are working hard getting everything put on and transferred to Church Quick Books.
There are a few discrepancies that will work themselves out. Motion by Rev. Donna C. second by
Bob A. to accept the Treasurer's Report. Motion Passed.
Building Report: T-Bear reported that the roof has been fixed. She received 2 estimates on tree
removal for the tree in front of the Church. She will find out if a permit is needed to remove it.
Motion by Char R. second by Bob A. to accept the bid from Clayton's Quality Tree Service for
$400 pending permit info. Motion passed.
10. New Business:
• a.) Relay for Life Track Marker Sponsorship: Motion by Rev. Donna C. second by Char R. to
purchase one and use Benevolence Fund to pay for it. Motion passed.
• b.) DeLand Pride Block Party: Motion by Rev. Donna C. second by Bob A. to purchase a
Vendor space for the early discount of $50. Motion passed.
• c.) Schedule a Congregational Forum: Since the May potluck is being changed to the second
Sunday of May the Congregational Forum has been set for May 5th after service.
• d.) Men's Ministry Flea Market Sale: It will be held on May 1st at the County Fairgrounds.
Motion by Rev. Donna C. second by T-Bear to partner with the Men's Ministry to promote the
sale. Motion passed.
• e.) Board Goals for 2019: Look at By Laws in depth to determine if there are any other
refinements or changes necessary. All records need to be digitized.
• f.) Cookbook Update: Where are we? Dave M. will try to get everything together and submitted
in a couple weeks.
• g.) Logo Contest Update: Nothing is sufficient as of now. Scrap idea of contest. Leave to Board
and Pastor to work on it. Touch base with Stan to work on his idea.
11. Schedule next Board Meetings: Board meetings are moved to the first Wednesday of each month
at 6:30 pm. Next meeting will be April 3rd.

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