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New Church Family
Proposed Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting
January 16, 2019  6:30 p.m. -- open to the public

1. Call to Order – Opening prayer – Note attendees
2. Review and Acceptance of the agenda
3. Acceptance of the minutes of the December 30th Board meeting
4. Pastor’s Report
5. President’s Report
6. Vice President’s Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Building Report
9. Old Business

a. Answers regarding the question of liability insurance when personal cars are used for “church business.”
b. Review of current active members to determine voting status for the Annual Congregational meeting as well as any action to be taken by the Board in light of the review.
c. Discussion/Suggestions/Review of possible agenda items for the Annual Congregational Meeting in February 2019 – identify items to be included in mailing.

1) What bylaw changes to include?
2) Final report on 2018 budget and review of new budget proposal for 2019
3) Formation of a working/planning group to formulate and implement the plan for how we
will handle our accounting needs in lieu of changes to our bylaws.
4) Is a survey of any type necessary this year?
5) Do we want to poll congregation as to start time for Sunday service?
6) Balloting procedure for Board member elections – 50% + 1 rule in effect.
7) Review of goals for 2018 and report at the meeting
8) Identify and arrange to vote on goals for 2019.
9) Set deadline for mailing Annual Meeting packets to members.

d. Finalization of the items that need to be included in the information packet for the Annual
Congregation Meeting.
e. Proposal for discussion – a study group to develop a 3 to 5-year look-ahead plan for the
church. Would include ministry, congregation growth, budget/income, and property maintenance.
f. Update on possible Board vacancies other than expiring terms, and review of announced

10. New Business

a. Proposal for a congregation growth contest with awards for the “winners.”

11. Set date for next Board Meeting as February 17 immediately following the Congregation
meeting in order to elect officers.

13. Adjournment and prayer

(Submitted by Dave McBride, church president)

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