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December 30, 2018

Board members present: Dave McBride; Charlene Rywant; Jeff DeYoung; Jerry Nelson, Gil
Jordan; Judi O'Melia; Jerry Corlis; Rev. Donna Choate. Guests present: Norma K., Merrill H., Tom B.; Frank O., Jeff F., Kittty; Russ V.

The Meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm by President Dave McBride: Opening
prayer was offered by Rev. Donna Choate.

Review and Acceptance of the agenda: The proposed agenda for the meeting was read
followed by a motion by Rev. Donna Choate, seconded by Judy O'Melia to accept the agenda
as presented. The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Acceptance of the minutes for the October 14 and November 11 meetings: The
November 11 minutes were edited to correct the spelling of Judi’s name. A motion to accept
both sets of minutes was made by Char, seconded by Jeff D. and approved by unanimous

Pastor’s Report: Rev. Donna presented her report for November, a copy of which was
included in the materials for this meeting. The Pastor’s report was accept as presented.
Along with the report there was discussion regarding the Pastor’s mileage allowance. The
pastor had indicated a desire to have that part or her compensation removed from her
contract in order to help with budget issues. The President indicated that rather than take an
official action of that nature, the Pastor can donate back to the church any portion of that
allowance she wishes to do so, but with the strong recommendation that 1) we not alter the
contract at this time, and 2) the pastor reconsider giving back this amount especially in light of
the fact that she most likely could really use the money. This seemed to be the general
consensus, so no action on the mileage allowance matter was taken at this time and the
pastor is at liberty to keep that allowance or donate it to the church if she wishes.

During this conversation a question was raised about insurance coverage if, when using our
personal cars for church related business, there was an accident. What coverage does the
church and/or the driver have in such an event. Jeff D. agreed to raise the questions with our
insurer and will report at the next Board meeting.

President’s Report: Dave M. reported that as a result of how a guest speaker at our
previous meeting perceived how he was treated during his presentation about developing a
new church logo, the speaker’s request to assist with the project was withdrawn as well as the
speaker’s previous consent for the cookbook group to use his design for the cover of the

Dave M. also offered a few remarks regarding the issue of budget shortfalls and some
suggestions Dave had put out to the board in advance of today’s meeting. Dave M. indicated
that his suggestion that all Board members be unpaid volunteers and that we investigate

other means for dealing with our accounting needs at a lower cost was not intended to reflect
at all negatively on the fine work that Jeff D. has done as Treasurer for New Church Family.
Rather, the suggestions were offered with the purpose in mind being to bring our Board
composition in line with the standard policy for 501-3c corporations as regards compensation,
as well as to address significant budget shortfalls due in part to the fact that annual expenses
significantly exceed annual revenues. Dave extended an apology to Jeff for whatever
misunderstanding and anxiety his approach to the matter may have caused for Jeff.

Vice President’s Report: Char indicated there are some wrinkles to be worked out
regarding attendance reporting at church services and that she and Dave M. would be getting
together to tackle that matter to ensure our official records are current. As to the matter of
reviewing current voting members who appear no longer to be actively engaged with church
life, Jerry C. volunteered to review the list and contact those members to help clarify how they
would like their ongoing relationship with the church to be defined. The review will be
completed prior to our February Annual Meeting to ensure voting members at that meeting
are members who are actively engaged in the life of the church so they can vote on issues
with current knowledge and understanding.

Treasurer's Report. Treasurer Jeff DeYoung handed out monthly Treasurer's Reports for
November and December. The reports were reviewed and a motion to accept each report
was made by Rev. Donna, seconded by Judi O., and accepted by unanimous consent. The
board President then called for a motion allowing the Treasurer to make a presentation
regarding a change to budget reporting for 2018, the motion was offered by Rev. Donna,
seconded by Gil J. and approved by all. The Treasurer presented an alternative way of
looking at the 2018 revenue and expenses that would reflect a lower deficit for the operating
budget, but the Board instead recommended that we let the 2018 budget report go forward
without that change but that the proposed changes be incorporated into our 2019 budget

Building Report: At the moment, all is well but we are still seeking a contractor or handyman
who can make a needed roof repair.

Old Business:

Update on Cookbook: The cookbook project suffered a setback as a result of the cover art
being withdrawn by its creator. As soon as possible in the new year, those working on the
cookbook will attempt to provide other artwork for the cover so the project can finally go to

Update on lines in parking lot: After the lot was power-washed, the intention was to repaint
the lines defining the parking spaces, paint the “stops” in each parking space, and the paint
some curbing with a bright traffic yellow. Now that the weather is cooler and we have a
volunteer to undertake the project beginning late February, we will finally see some progress
on this project. Anyone wishing to assist should let Dave M. know.

Arriving at a new church logo: The church will wait a little while longer for any submissions
of logo artwork from members of the congregation. If there is a suggestion that has great
promise, the Board will work with the artist in an attempt to develop something the Board can
recommend to the congregation. If that does not come about, the Board will seek the

volunteer services of a graphic artist to work with us on the project. At this point there did not
seem to be a sense of urgency, so this matter will continue to evolve and will be revisited
early in the new year.

Current Member review to determine voting status: As mention under the Vice
President’s report, the review will be handled by Jerry C. Results will be presented to the
Board at the January Board meeting.

Discussion/Suggestions/Review of possible agenda items for the Annual
Congregational Meeting in February 2019: Materials were presented at this meeting to
assist Board members in developing the agenda for the Annual meeting. At the January
Board meeting the agenda will be “finalized.” Also, at the January Board meeting, final copy
will be presented on the changes that will be approved (if any) to the church bylaws. All of the
items in today’s agenda for this topic will be discussed at that January meeting.

Update on board vacancies: Three terms expire in February: Dave M., Judi O. and Gil J.
At the current time we have been made aware that Bonnie F., Bob A., Judi O. and, we believe,
Angel O. will be running for one of the three open seats. Though it is preferable that
candidates announce their intentions well in advance of the Annual Meeting in February, it is
possible for nominations to be made at that meeting. The requirement to run for a Board seat
is that one must have been a voting member of the congregation for at least six months prior
to the meeting. It was also mentioned that a candidate must receive at least 50% + 1 votes in
order to be elected. The three candidates receiving the highest vote counts above the
minimum will be considered elected. If a fourth candidate also receives at least the minimum
required vote, that candidate will be able to be seated on the Board in the event of a vacancy
during the coming year without the need for a special election.

New Business:

Proposal to allow notification of the Annual Meeting by means other that US Mail: It
was proposed that we specify in the bylaws that official announcements to church members
regarding congregational meetings can be made by means other than US Mail. Specifically, a
member may indicate to the church that they elect to receive such notices via email or
another electronic communication means. The church would then maintain a list of each
member’s choice for official communication for these meetings. US Mail would only be used
for those who wish to receive notification in that manner or for those for whom there is no
preference on record. Specific wording on this proposed change will be presented at the next
board meeting.

Proposal to bring current membership practices into compliance with the bylaws as
well as to clarify how voter eligibility should be determined: The proposal to make this
change was included with the materials distributed for this meeting. In essence this requires
that the church have a single membership category and that quarterly a list be posted of
those members who are eligible to vote as of that date. Voting eligibility will generally be de-
termined on the basis of evidence of active participation in church life during the previous six
months, with attendance being a major factor. The Vice President quarterly will present to the
Board of Directors a listing of those who currently are eligible to vote as well as any members

who may need to be considered for having their voting privilege suspended. This plan should
help us identify more quickly members who seem to be “falling away” from the church and
thereby give us an early opportunity to see if we can be helpful to them and encourage them
back into our family. A motion to accept this proposal was made by Jeff D., seconded by Gil
J., and passed by unanimous consent. As changed, Bylaws III and IV will read as follows:


1. Anyone is welcome to attend services and other events at New Church Family. Visitors are
encouraged to participate in all church activities and discussions, but do not have a vote until
they commit to membership and establish or have established a pattern of active participation
in the church. New Church Family shall use two categories of affiliation with our church:
Member and Member Emeritus.
2. If a visitor wishes to become a member, she/he is encouraged to meet with the pastor,
interim pastor or a board designee and complete an application for membership. It is
understood the application entails a sacred pledge to God to support the church with time,
talent and financial support to the best of one’s ability. The pastor shall then ask the
congregation to welcome the person into membership. If the position of pastor is vacant, the
applicant may receive counseling and instruction from a board member regarding the values,
beliefs and procedures of NCF, and by a majority vote of the board, be granted membership.
3. New members will be welcomed with a “rite of membership” conducted at a worship service
by the pastor, interim pastor, or a board member. The new member will have their
membership publicly acknowledged by the congregation. While New Church Family
encourages members to declare their allegiance to and support of NCF, church officers and
staff will strive to keep the names and contact information of all church members and
attendees confidential. Such information shall not be given or sold to outside parties.
4. Membership Status & Review: When accepted into membership, a person is given the right
to vote on all matters brought before a Congregational Meeting and in informal polls of the
congregation as long as they have established a pattern of active participation in the church
for at least six months. However, continuation of voting privileges is contingent on a member
continuing to honor, to the best of his or her ability, the membership pledge of “time, talent,
and financial support.”
a. MEMBERSHIP REVIEW: At least once a quarter, the Membership Chairman, pastor,
clerk or other designee of the board shall review the membership roll and notify the Board of
any members who have lost contact with the church for more than six months. The
Membership Chairman, or a designated member appointed by the board, shall contact each
such member to determine if the member who has been out of contact intends to continue as
a voting member. If so, no action is required. If during the ensuing six months, the member
fails to attend at least six services during the extension, the board, by a majority vote, may
suspend the person’s eligibility to vote on church matters. This decision shall be based on the
board’s best judgment as to whether the member has supported the church in the past year,
either through attending worship, or providing financial support, or participating in church
ministry, or whether the absent member has contacted the pastor or board to explain special
circumstances preventing their support. The intent of the review is not to purge members but
to encourage them to take membership responsibilities more seriously. A member who has
had voting rights suspended may request reinstatement of voting rights once the member has

demonstrated active participation in church life again for at least six months. A majority vote
by the board shall confirm the restoration of voting rights. Members with voting privilege can
opt out of that privilege at any time but will remain as a “member” of the church.
5. TRANSFER or CANCELLATION of MEMBERSHIP – A member may voluntarily resign their
membership in writing, or ask that their membership be transferred to another church. Such
requests shall be submitted to the pastor or board secretary, and shared with the board of
directors. Such requests may be approved by the pastor, or in the absence of a pastor, by a
majority vote of the board. A pastor is authorized to share confidential information about a
member with another pastor in writing, provided that the member receives a copy of all such
6. MEMBER EMERITUS – The board may honor the contributions of a church member who
no longer is able to participate regularly in church activities because of poor health or
relocation by declaring the person a Member Emeritus, i.e. “Honored Lifelong Member.” A
Member Emeritus shall not have a vote nor be counted in quorum determinations.


1. CONGREGATIONAL MEETING: Government of NCF shall be vested in its congregational
meetings, which exert the right to control all church affairs, subject to provisions and
procedures set forth within these bylaws. The Pastor and the Board of Directors are
authorized to jointly provide spiritual and administrative leadership for NCF, with the pastor
focused on spiritual matters, including forms of worship, preaching, teaching and
administration of the sacraments, and the board focused on administrative matters, including
finances and stewardship.
2. ANNUAL MEETINGS: A minimum of one (1) business meeting must be held annually and
shall take place on the first (1st) Sunday in February each year unless the Board approves an
alternative meeting date later in February. A minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice shall be given
to all members in writing, by email or postal mail. Such notice shall include a proposed
agenda to be transacted, and a ruling by the board on whether certified absentee votes will be
accepted. In order to transact official business, a congregational meeting must have a
minimum of twenty (20) percent of its active voting membership physically present.
3. SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special congregational meetings may be called by majority of the
Board of Directors of NCF at any time, but shall adhere to all guidelines and requirements set
forth in these bylaws. There must be a minimum of two weeks advance notice for such a
special meeting.
4. ABSENTEE BALLOTS: NCF recognizes that voting members may have circumstances
which prevent their physical presence at some congregational meetings. In such
circumstances, a voting member who wishes to participate may, after establishing his/her
identity and certification of his/her right to vote to two members of the Board of Directors, cast
an absentee ballot by telephone, email or regular mail service. Any such votes shall be
treated confidentially and not be counted nor announced prior to the meeting. Only absentee
ballots received before the congregational meeting is called to order shall be counted.

Proposal to change limit on number of consecutive terms a member may serve on the
Board of Directors: This proposal changes the limit on number of consecutive terms a
Board member can serve from two to three. A motion to accept the proposal was made by Gil

J., seconded by Jeff D., and passed by unanimous consent. With this change to Bylaw V –
Board of Directors, paragraph 4 the wording will now be:
4. Board members shall be elected for a term of two years each. Terms shall be staggered so
that one-half of the board seats are elected annually. No member may serve longer
than three consecutive elected terms in addition to any interim appointment approved by the
congregational meeting. Hence, a board member can serve at most seven consecutive years
before being required to retire from the board for at least a year. The purpose of term limits is
to rotate new leadership into the board periodically. Board members must make a time, talent,
and energy commitment for the duration of their term which includes regularly attending
Board meetings and important related meetings as well as Sunday services, participation in
committee work, and acceptance of special assignments when the need arises.

Proposal to define specific areas of oversight/responsibility for the two at-large Board
positions: Note, that at this point of the meeting, the Secretary needed to excuse himself
from the meeting. The notes following are being provided by Dave M. in the secretary’s ab-
sence. This proposal clarified certain responsibilities assigned by position to various board
members (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and assigned specific responsi-
bilities to what have previously been referred to as the two “at large” board members. The
listing of redefined and added responsibilities was distributed with the materials for this meet-
ing. A motion to accept the proposal was made by Jeff D., seconded by Gil J., and passed by
unanimous consent. The new wording for Bylaw V – Board of Directors, paragraph 6 – Board
Composition shall be as follows:
BOARD COMPOSITION: The board of directors shall consist of the following positions:
A. Spiritual Guide: The Pastor or Interim Pastor shall serve as the Spiritual Guide and
Spiritual Moderator of the Board. The Pastor may assign Board members or members
of the general congregation various duties such as director of the visitation committee
or director of the worship committee. The visitation committee is responsible for the
spiritual needs of the home-bound, sick, hospitalized, or imprisoned. The worship
committee oversees worship music and videos, worship bulletins, altar care, worship
vessel and supplies, and clerical attire.
B. President: The President, elected by the board, shall act as moderator of the
Board of Directors and all Congregational Meetings. The President ensures the
effective action of the Board in governing and supporting the church, guides and
mediates board actions in respect to church priorities, recommends to the Board which
committees are to be established, and prepares an agenda for all Board and
Congregational meetings. The President should be familiar with all legal documents
that relate to church business, monitor financial planning and financial reports, and
perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.
C. Vice President: The Vice President, elected by the board, shall chair the
Membership Committee and be available to act as moderator of the board of directors
and congregational meetings when the president is not available. The Vice President
maintains accurate membership records, records weekly attendance as well as
attendance at special services, reviews attendance records to determine voting
eligibility, recommends quarterly to the Board any members who have fallen out of
contact with the church and may need to have their voting eligibility withdrawn. The

Vice President also coordinates with the Pastor to ensure successful congregational
D. Treasurer: The treasurer, elected by the board, shall be the head steward of New
Church Family, chairing the Finance Committee and reporting regularly to the board
and congregation on financial matters. The Treasurer shall provide to the board an
accurate accounting of all financial transactions. The Treasurer shall, with the board of
directors, present to the congregation all financial reports, account statements and
budgets for majority approval by the Congregation. The Treasurer will also arrange
and review an independent audit of church finances at least once every three years.
E. Secretary: The secretary, elected by the board, shall keep and publish accurate
records of all meetings of the Board of Directors and congregational meetings, to
include, but not limited to, deliberations and official decisions made by the Board or the
congregation. Such records shall be maintained at the church office and shall be
available to the church and members of the Board within one week of any business
F. Manager of Building and Grounds: elected by the board, assumes oversight of all
matters related to the church building and grounds such as maintenance schedules,
repairs, supplies, and landscaping as well as finding and contracting either members or
outside resources to perform necessary tasks.
G. Calendar / Social Events coordinator: elected by the board, assumes oversight of
the church calendar to ensure all events are placed on the official calendar. This Board
member is also responsible to ensure events are nailed down as to who is in charge of
organizing or planning the event, and coordinates with the Building Manager and
Pastor as to any use of church facilities. This member also oversees the monthly
maintenance of the church bulletin board in coordination with the Pastor.

Proposal to clarify in the bylaws whether elected Board members are volunteers only
and serve without compensation for services rendered as a result of their Board re-
sponsibilities: A proposal to change the wording of Bylaw V – Board of Directors, Para-
graph 1 was made. A motion was made to approve the change by Rev. Donna, seconded by
Judi O, and passed by unanimous consent. The new wording will be as follows:
1. New Church Family shall elect six (6) members to its Board of Directors. The appointed
pastor or interim pastor is automatically ex-officio the seventh (7th) member of the board with
a purpose of spiritual discernment and casting a vote to break deadlocks. To serve on the
board, a person must have completed at least six months of active membership at the time of
the election or appointment. Elected Board members are volunteers and serve in their
respective positions without compensation (effective beginning February, 2020),

It is noted that this decision, which effectively would mean that the church Treasurer, as Board
member, would no longer be paid for the work performed as relates to the position of
Treasurer. It also means that the church Board will need to adopt a new approach its
accounting practices, seek a person who will volunteer their time to perform the necessary
tasks or, at least, accept in payment a significantly lesser amount than what has been the
practice for the past several years. The reason for the delay of one year for this change to
take place is so that a committee can carefully and deliberately work out how the new

approach can be integrated into the church operations.

Discussion of the ramifications of the item immediately above and the laying out of
possible solutions to the church’s accounting and compliance needs: This discussion
will be assigned to a committee to work out and devise a plan for implementing and changes
required by the previous item. It appears that this committee will include, Jeff D., Judi O., Jeff
F., Dave M., the Pastor, and one or more members of the congregation.
Next Board of Directors Meeting. By unanimous consent it was agreed that the next Board
meeting will take place on Wednesday evening January 16 beginning at 6:30

Date for the Annual Congregational Meeting: By unanimous consent the meeting date
was set for February 17 following the morning service.

Adjournment and Closing prayer. A motion to adjourn was made by Jeff D., seconded by
Judi O. The motion passed. Closing prayer was given by Rev. Donna Choate.

Respectfully submitted
Dave McBride




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