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New Church Family -- Proposed Agenda for Board of Directors Meeting
December 30, 2018 

(Submitted by Board President Dave McBride)

1. Call to Order – Opening prayer – Note attendees
2. Review and Acceptance of the agenda
3. Acceptance of the minutes of the October 13 and November 11 Board meetings
4. Pastor’s Report
5. President’s Report
a. Review of issues stemming from our last board meeting
b. President’s initiative regarding budget shortfalls
6. Vice President’s Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Building Report
9. Old Business

a. Update on cookbook including discussion of who is in charge.
b. Update on lines in parking lot.
c. Discussion regarding the process to arrive at a new church logo.
d. Status of the review of current active members to determine voting status for the Annual
Congregational meeting.
e. Discussion/Suggestions/Review of possible agenda items for the Annual Congregational
Meeting in February 2019 – identify items to be included in mailing.

1) Is a survey of any type needed this year?
2) Do we want to poll congregation as to start time for Sunday service?
3) Ballots for Board member elections – 50% + 1 rule in effect.
4) Review of goals for 2018 – identify goals for 2019.
5) Set deadline for mailing Annual Meeting packets to members.

f. Budget inclusions for 2019 -- e.g., budget for building and maintenance separate from
operating expenses. Incorporating operating expense items that come via item donations.
g. Proposal for discussion – a study group to develop a 5-year look-ahead plan for the church.
Would include ministry, budget/income, and property maintenance.
h. Update on possible Board vacancies other than expiring terms, and review of announced

10. New Business

a. Proposal to make the necessary bylaw changes to allow official notification of meetings and
official church communication via electronic media such as email, Facebook, and church
website. USMail would be the method of delivery for anyone who does not have access to
at least one form of electronic media/communication. We would ask all members to indicate
what methods they can accept, to provide us their official email address if not already on
file, and to indicate if they can ONLY receive notifications via USMail.
b. Proposal to bring current membership practices into compliance with the bylaws as well as
to clarify how voter eligibility should be determined.
c. Proposal to change limit on number of consecutive terms a member may serve on the
Board of Directors.
d. Proposal to define specific areas of oversight/responsibility for the two at-large Board
e. Proposal to clarify in the bylaws whether elected Board members are volunteers only and
serve without compensation for services rendered as a result of their Board responsibilities.
f. Discussion of the ramifications of item “d” immediately above and the laying out of possible
solutions to the church’s accounting and compliance needs.

11. Set date for next Board Meeting (January 13, 20, 27)

12. Set date for Annual Congregation Meeting to be announced ASAP (February 3, 10, 17, 24)

13. Adjournment and prayer

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