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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting
(DRAFT) Minutes for 09/09/2018

Board present: Dave McBride; Charlene Rywant; Jeff DeYoung; Reverend Donna Choate; Jerry Corlis.

Guests present: T-Bear; Jeff F.; Lois; Pam B.; Bob A.; Kitty; Tom B.; Russ

Call to order at 12:06 pm by Board President Dave McBride. Opening prayer given by Rev. Donna Choate.

The agenda was reviewed. Motion by Rev. Donna Choate; 2nd ny Jeff DeYoung to accept the agenda as amended. Motion passed.
The minutes of the prior Board meeting were reviewed. Motion by Charlene Rywant; 2nd by Jeff DeYoung to approve. Motion passed.

The Pastor’s reports for July and August were handed out by Rev. Donna Choate. Motion by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Charlene Rywant to accept as handed out. Motion passed.

The President's report was essentially oral and presented by President Dave McBride. Also handed out were the Facebook Membership Practices.

The Vice President's report was given by Charlene Rywant. She said she would be working on Wednesday and Thursday at the Church to begin reviewing the membership rolls in preparation for the Annual Congregation Meeting in February 2019.

The Treasurer's Reports for July and August were handed out by Treasurer Jeff DeYoung. There was much discussion on it. Motion by Rev. Donna Choate; 2nd by Dave McBride to accept the reports as presented. Motion passed.

The Building Report was made by President/Building Manager Dave McBride. A proposal from All Hands Gutter Cleaning in the amount of $176 was submitted. Motion by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Charlene Rywant to accept the proposal. Motion passed.

The Board Room corner repair was completed by Jeff DeYoung.
Two proposals for Pressure washing the Church Parking Lot were submitted. HPW, Inc for $1900 and A & A for $750 + $150 (cleaning bumpers). After discussion motion by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Charlene Rywant to accept the proposal from A & A. Motion passed.


There will be an update on the Prayer Garden in the very near future – this is still in the planning/proposal stage.

Update on Cookbook. All recipes are in and proofed. Hopefully the Cookbook will be printed and ready for sale during the Holidays.

Raffles – Discussion regarding the handling and planning of future raffles was postponed until the Board can talk with Frank O., since Frank had volunteered to head up this activity. Frank had just returned from his summer in Canada and was unable to be at the meeting today.

Carpet Fund – Tabled till the October meeting so a detailed plan can be submitted. We will be going forward with getting the carpets professionally cleaned prior to the holidays. Following that we will evaluate closely the condition of the carpet to determine a good time for replacement.


It was proposed that the date for a Quarterly Congregation Forum be set as September 30. A motion to that effect was made by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Rev. Donna Choate. Motion passed.

Dave M indicated a need for a Building Manager or co-manager – he asked if anyone was interested to contact him.

Dave M mentioned that there is a need for a Kitchen Coordinator/Manager. Alan Austin has volunteered to do this. Dave McBride will get with him and discuss what all the job entails.

Dave M indicated the need for a handyman for minor roof and vent caulking/patching – asked if anyone knows someone who could do this.

A suggestion was offered that we designate a Sunday this Fall as Fall Home Coming Sunday – nothing was decided except to postpone discussion on this to a future date – and possibly for Fall of 2019.

Men’s Group – It was announced (as it had been also in today’s church bulletin) that there will be a organizing meeting for a Men's Group on Sunday, October 7 after service.

Mark Geallis will be invited to speak to NCF this Fall about the Homeless Shelter – Rev. Donna Choate will coordinate with him on a date to speak to us. One purpose of this event is so the church can be looking forward to how the presence of the new shelter in proximity to the church might affect our ministry. Though the shelter may not be open until sometime in 2019, we want to be ahead of the curve in making plans that will affect NCF.

The next “God Gab” will be on September 27th/ Handout on Table in front. The topic of this God Gab will deal with the views on homosexuality during the time of Plato, which would have been prevalent in society as much as 350 years before Christ.

Fall Calendar Events/Possibilities

◼ Chris Kaplan let NCF know she had a Halloween Party planned Oct. 28 so that we would not plan something then.
◼ Full Moon Social Event (Campfire gathering at Tomoka State Park) will be on Friday October 26 with Charlene Rywant in charge. Details to be announced.
◼ There will be a meeting of the Rainbow Alliance on September 30 following the morning service.

Proposal for discussion study group to develop a 5 year look ahead plan for the Church will be raised at the Quarterly Congregation Forum on September 30.

Annual Congregational Meeting will be Sunday February 3, 2019 – need to begin work on developing an agenda and decide if any by-laws need to be updated. A workforce will be set up to prepare and send mailing to membership. This will be talked more at the October Board Meeting.

Board of Directors terms expiring February 2019: Dave McBride, President; Gil Jordan and Judi O'Melia, members at large. If anyone wants to run for a Board seat they need to see Dave McBride or Rev. Donna Choate.

Insurance – Rev. Donna Choate, Dave McBride and Jeff DeYoung met with the insurance agent to discuss our renewing our insurance. Workers Compensation was also discussed with him. It was found out that we are not insured to have alcohol at events at the Church unless it is connected with a religious service. Motion by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Charlene Rywant to add workers Comp to the insurance policy and to make all events from now on “Family Friendly”. Motion passed.

The dates for Board Meetings in October and November will be: October 14th and November 11th.

Motion by Jeff DeYoung; 2nd by Rev. Donna Choate to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm. Closing prayer was given by Charlene Rywant.

Respectfully submitted:

Bob Austin
Acting Secretary

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