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New Church Family -- DRAFT - Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
May 13, 2018

(compiled by Dave McBride)

1. Call to order – Opening Prayer: The meeting was called to order by President Dave
McBride at 12:00 noon. Rev. Donna opened with prayer. Present at meeting were Board
members Dave M, Jeff D, Donna C, Gil J, and Char R. Others in attendance were Lois K.,
Jeff F., Russ V., Merrill H., and Tom B. Board members absent from meeting were Judy
O., Jerry N., and Jerry C.

2. The Agenda was reviewed and modified. Under New Business two items were added:
n. The Women’s Group
o. The Memorial Day Service
A motion to accept the modified agenda was made by Jeff D., seconded by Char R. and
passed by unanimous voice vote.

3. A motion was made by Char R. to accept the minutes of the prior meeting as presented,
seconded by Jeff D. and passed by unanimous voice vote.

4. The Pastor’s report was presented. A motion to accept the report was made by Jeff D.,
seconded by Char R. and passed by unanimous voice vote.

5. Presidents Report: Dave M. reported that since we often tend to focus on the number of
attendees from Sunday to Sunday, he took a look at just how many different family
members were being served over the course of a month. That number for April was 60.
Our church family, due to a variety of reasons, has many members who are not in
attendance every week of the month. Looking at the total number of different family
members who do attend over the period of a month helps us to realize how solid and
“healthy” our family is. Even the number 60 does not takes into account pastor visits,
counseling, and phone calls that may serve other family members who may not even
make it to church at all in a given month. The was brief discussion regarding this new
measure. No vote was required.

6. Vice President’s Report: Char reported that she, with the assistance of Frank O., had
completed the first phase of updating the limited records we keep for our members and
visitors. The data she was obtained will now be updated to the computer record. She is
now moving to next phase which involves identifying voting members who have not been
involved with the church for a considerable time to determine how those members would
like to define their relationship with the church – continue as a full voting member,
continue as a member but without voting status, or continue a just a friend-guest-visitor
The purpose of this second phase is to ensure that the eligible number of voting
members at any congregational meeting includes only members who remain active with
the church in one manner or another.

7. Jeff D. presented the Treasurer's Report. After a brief discussion a mothing was made by
Gil J. to accept the report, seconded by Char R., and passed by unanimous voice vote.

8. Building Report – Dave M. reported that an exterminator was due for site review on 5/15.
Jeff D. raised a concern regarding the sprinkler system which has not been tested and
believed not in proper working order for a few years. Consensus was that the sprinkler
system does need to be checked out so we can determine what it might cost to restore it
to a useful condition in the event we do some landscaping. A question was raised about
the solar panels on our roof and it was explained the they are in use as a part of our hot
water system. There was no need to vote on these matters. The sprinkler system will be
discussed again at a future meeting.

9. Old business
a. Logo contest update: this is still pending – nothing new at this time

b. Flea Market Report – Over all the flea market sale netted about $275. If was felt that if
done again it would be wise to take enough tables to adequately display most of the
merchandise. Also, we should pick the other dise (west side) of the street so the sun
is not blinding potential customers as they try to look at what we have to offer.
Thanks to those who helped move the merchandise to the market site: Tom B., John
H., Dennis B., Jeff. F., and Dave M. Thanks also to Tom, Dennis, Jeff, and Dave for
“manning” the site during the sale.

c. Open Arms Mission Project: We had previously indicated that the church would be
making a contribution to this mission at some point in the year. Learning that May 14
was a deadline for making a contribution that would be automatically doubled in value
by another donor, the Board voted to have Jeff D. make a $100 contribution in the
name of New Church Family not later than May 14. Gil J. made a motion to do this,
seconded by Jeff D., which was passed by a unanimous voice vote.

d. A Christian Flag had been obtained and installed. Thank you, Jeff F.

e. Deland Pride – The Board is aware of this October event and will register at the
appropriate time.

f. Volusia Pride – date still unknown at this time but it was agreed that the church will
participate in both this Pride and DeLand. There was some concern that the two
Pride’s may not be coordinating date so as to avoid conflict, but if both are on the
same day NCF will be represented at both.

g. Keith’s Memorial idea: This is the idea of a wall display toward the back of the
sanctuary displaying pictures of previous members who have passed away. The
Board is still in need of a more detailed plan as to how this would look as well as a
champion who can see the initial project through to completion. No new information
at this time.

10. New Business

a. Upcoming events:
1) Luau Dance 5/18 discussed
2) Dinner River Cruise is set for June 7 (Thursday) at 4 pm. Reservations should be
made with Merrill H. or Dave M. Cost is $27/person.
3) NCF Baseball outing?? Thursdays in June – Tom B. agreed to try and determine a
good date for this outing and will announce it via Facebook and in church once set.

b. What is the Status of New photos for board members- Dave will speak with Bob A.

c. Annual Church Key review: A review of who has a church key was completed and it
was determined that all keys currently issued are to people who have a “business
reason” for having a key with the exception of three keys. A Board member will speak
with those who have a key who may no longer have a business reason to keep one.
This includes Teresa W., Jerry C. and Ron P. A follow-up report on this is needed at
the next Board meeting.

d. Should we have and special outdoor display for the Pulse Anniversary?? It was agreed
that we should and Jeff F. will get a banner made we can hang outside over our
entrance way.

e. Should the lone pine between our parking lot and the highway be removed??—It was
agreed that is should be so we will begin gathering information and present options at
the next meeting. Both cost and urgency will be considered. It was noted that FPL
should be contacted to see if they perceive the tree as a threat to power lines in a
storm – perhaps FPL will remove the tree.

f. Review of the offering procedure during service – It was agreed for now that the way
we have been receiving the offering should continue – that is to say we will no attempt
to pass the offering plate or pouch down the rows – we will continue to just have the
attendant hold on to the plate or pouch and reach toward each person to receive any

g. Review of current practice of sitting for all the singing except for the benediction song.
A member of the church thought that standing for one or more of the hymns/songs
might allow a more freer expression on the part of members of the congregation. We
were reminded that one of the issues with standing is that those who don’t or cannot
have difficulty in seeing the words on the screen. This was one of the reasons we
have been sitting more than what may have been the practice some time ago. The
option is there to stand if you wish and it is possible we will invite members to stand
more frequently especially for the last hymn before our benediction song.

h. Changes to our web site- This has become an outdated matter – the changes that
were made to the site several weeks (maybe months) ago are still in place. You are
encouraged to look at the site.

i. We noted the remaining Pastoral vacations for 2018 7/9-7/15 10/22-10/28

j. Tom C and Dean Steward were suggested as possible guest speakers for July 15 and
October 28.

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