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The New Church Family Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting on Sunday, March 11 following the morning worship service. After editing and reviewing the agenda for the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The Pastor’s, President’s, Vice President’s and Treasurer’s reports were reviewed and accepted. Vice President Char Rywant, as chairman of the membership committee, is looking to engage a few volunteers to help review current membership status and update addresses and phone numbers, as well as to look at avenues whereby the church can make itself more visible and relevant, especially to the high school and college age group as well as younger adults in general. The committee will also be looking at ways NCF can become visible to the thousands of people moving into Volusia Country each month.

The Treasurer cautioned the Board that the church is running a deficit each month and that we need to look for ways to increase giving and income or we will eventually be forced to cut items from the budget for which funds will not be available. The board authorized a one-line summary of our monthly budget performance to be included in the worship bulletin.

The lights in the parking lot and for our roadside sign on US 92 are planned to be repaired by late Monday, March 19 – just in time for the God Gab session that is scheduled for that evening.

A recent change to the church website now makes it possible for a viewer to click on the link to send a prayer request to the church. We are looking for volunteers to form a church prayer group. Prayer requests received from the website, as well as other sources, will be passed along to members of the group. The prayer group will also meet on occasion at the church to pray as a group and to enjoy each other in fellowship. Please let Rev. Donna or any member of the Board know if you are interested.

The board voted for the church to sponsor a “Flea Market Event” for Wednesday, May 2. The idea is to collect donated items in the church conference room the two weeks prior to the date and then, with the help of volunteers, transport the items to the Volusia County Fairgrounds for their regular Wednesday flea market. More details will be make available soon, but we are looking for volunteers who can help transport items to the flea market, and/or help “man” the table and cleanup afterwards. Please let Tom B., Dennis B., or Dave M. know if you are interested.

Throughout the year our Pastor will be on vacation several Sunday’s. Two of those Sundays are coming in April. Though we have a few suggestions for speakers for April, please pass along any ideas you have for speakers for July and October.

At our Annual Congregational Meeting it was suggested that we have a church open forum every quarter. The first of these is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 after the worship service. The idea is to have open discussion about anything of concern affecting the church. This could be a time to address issues, to offer ideas and suggestions to make our church experience better, as well as to brainstorm regarding the growth and impact of the church in our community. Mark your calendar!!

April 8 was set as the date for the next Board meeting – all are welcome. The meeting will follow the Sunday service, starting around noon.

    (Contributed by Dave McBride, board president. Official minutes of the March 11 meeting will be available at the April 8 board meeting. )

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