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By David McBride, church board president
Following our regular first-Sunday-of-the-month Potluck dinner, as required by the church bylaws the Congregation held its Annual Congregational meeting to conduct certain required church business. The purposes of this year’s meeting were to review and approve the church’s operating budget for 2018, reaffirm the current pastor for two additional years, elect three members to the Board of Directors, and to review and approve a list of goals for the church for 2018. The budget was approved as presented at the meeting. For those who did not attend the meeting, a copy of the budget is available for review or pickup at the church office or you can request a copy be sent to you by contacting the church. This is true for all official documents reviewed at congregational meetings or meetings of the board of directors.

The Rev. Donna Choate was reaffirmed as pastor by an overwhelming majority (96 percent) for a term of two years. Jeff DeYoung was re-elected to the Board of Directors. Two new directors were also elected: Charlene Rywant and Jerry Nelson. See a photo of the 2018 board.
In a brief Board of Directors meeting following the Annual Congregational meeting, the Board elected its officers for the next year: Dave McBride will serve as Board President, Charlene Rywant as Board Vice President, Jerry Nelson as Board Secretary, and Jeff DeYoung as Church Treasurer. Judi Omelia and Gil Jordan round out the board’s voting members. Rev. Donna Choate is also a member of the Board of Directors.

The Congregation also reviewed and accepted a proposed listing of goals for the church for the coming year. That list included: Congregational Growth, Spiritual Growth and Maintenance, Community Outreach through working with places like HUM, the Step of Faith Shelter, United Way, the local GSA’s, Interfaith/Sister Ministries, Pride Event’s, Teresa’s Families, Building Better Defined, Stronger, and Functioning Ministry Teams such as for Congregational Care, Carpooling, Kitchen Volunteers, Grounds Keeping, Expanding Our Youth/Children’s Ministry Appeal, Holding Quarterly Membership Forums to encourage and allow the Members to Express Ideas, Concerns, or General Inquiries about the Happenings of the Ministry with their church and their Board of Directors, Increase Fellowship by way of Social Events/Outings such as Bi-Monthly Movie Days, Picnics/BBQ’s, Dances, or Museum and Zoo Visits, bicycle events and more, Invite a Minimum of 1 Guest Speaker or Musician per Quarter, and finally, Continue our Carpet Replacement Fund via donations and fundraisers.

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