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NCF BOARD MEETING DEC. 10, 2017 (condensed from official board minutes)

Attendance – All board members and pastor were present, along with 5 visitors. Called to order 11:57 a.M.
Reports – Written reports from vice president, pastor and treasurer were accepted as presented. (They are on file at the church)
Building report from Dave McBride: There are 41 parking spots. T-Bear (Bonnie F.) began pressure washing. Gil & Jesse offered their pressure washer. Want to repaint lines in parking lot when pressure washing is done. Jeff DeYoung would like to see bump stops painted yellow. Sign lighting is in need of repairs – damaged by Hurricane Irma. Ladies Room light needs to be switched to LED.
1. Budget Committee is meeting in the beginning of January after the year is done to have a full year of financial data to work with.
2. Establishing a Membership Committee
a. Bylaws indicate if a member is not here for a period of time, they can be moved to inactive. The member must be contacted and asked their intentions, i.e. reactivate or remove. Board members must attend 50 percent of services.
b. Jerry C., T-Bear and Dave McBride volunteered for the committee.
3. Establishing NCF facility as a wedding venue – looking for a team leader to research costs, charges, contracts, deposits, liability issues, etc. Donna C. willing to be liaison until we find someone, and Dave McBride will assist.
4. Logo contest – Put to congregation. If no logos sent in, a picture of the building with the NCF logo (name) to be used.
5. Board candidates update – Jerry Nelson & Char Rywant are running.
6. Cookbook updates – The cookbook will cost about $4.50 each to print, will have a $10 sale price. We are looking for sponsorships @ $10 each, which would include a listing in the front with name, address & phone number of the (commercial) sponsor.


1. Set date for the Annual Congregational Meeting – 1st Sunday in February has traditionally been the date for the Annual Meeting, this would be Feb. 4, 2018. 2 weeks prior, there is to be notification by mail or email to members with a copy of the agenda. Motion to accept was made by Jeff De Young, and seconded by Judi Omelia. Motion passed.
2. Letter of intent from Pastor (to seek reaffirmation at the Annual Meeting). Motion to accept made by Judi OMelia and seconded by Gil Jordan. Motion passed.
3. Report of the Pastoral Search Committee – To continue at least until the congregational meeting, need to update our vision.
4. Congregational survey – Given out on (Nov.) 24th, 2-3 weeks to get it back, to be used to design boards for the coming year.
5. Goals of 2018 – Review Goals of 2017 (Review minutes from 2017 meeting) – There will be serious discussion in Jan 2018 board meeting after getting questionnaires back.

CLOSING – Set Jan. 7, 2018 as date for next board meeting. Adjourned 1:15 p.m.

(-- Compiled by Tom Brown from board minutes. Full minutes and other written reports are on file at the church.)

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