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    The board of directors of New Church Family has set Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 as the date for our Annual Meeting. The session will begin at noon, in the church sanctuary, following the worship service and potluck lunch. All voting members of the congregation are encouraged to attend this important meeting. At least 13 of our 61 active members must be on hand as a quorum to transact business.

      The agenda was mailed to members in mid-January. Additional copies are available in the church lobby. Also available at church are various documents relevant to the Annual Meeting, including a year-end financial statement, proposed 2018 budget (already approved by the board but subject to final approval by the Annual Meeting), a two-year pastoral covenant approved by the board for the 2018-2019 period, orovided the congregation reaffirms Rev. Donna Choate as pastor, and a proposed list of church goals.

AGENDA – The board has issued this agenda for the Annual Meeting. A majority of the voting members at the meeting can make changes or additions to the agenda.
1. Call to Order and opening prayer. 2. Certification of quorum (20 percent of active members). 3. Acceptance of agenda. 4. Acceptance of the minutes of the Feb. 5, 2017 Annual Meeting 5. Discussion and final approval of the 2018 budget. 6. Congregational vote for Pastor for a 2 -year term (2018-2019) 7. Election of members to fill three open board seats. (Announced candidates are Jeff De Young, Charlene Rywant and Jerry Nelson. Additional nominations can be made from the floor. ) 8. Presentation of 2018 goals. 9. Other new business. 10. Announcement of vote results. 11. Adjournment and closing prayer.

BOARD GOALS: The NCF board has proposed these 9 church goals for 2018. 1. Congregational growth 2. Spiritual Growth and Maintenance, through such activities as Bible studies, God Gab discussions, Men and Women’s Groups, etc. 3. Community Outreach through contacts with Halifax Urban Ministries, homeless shelters, United Way, local Gay-Straight Alliances, interfaith and sister ministries, Pride events, Teresa’s Families, etc. 4. Build better defined, stronger and functioning ministry teams in such areas as congregational care, carpooling, kitchen volunteers, grounds-keeping, etc. 5. Expand our youth appeal and ministry 6. Hold quarterly board-led membership forums, allowing the membership to express ideas, concerns or general inquiries about our ministry. 7. Increase fellowship with social events, such as bimonthly movies, dances, picnics, outings 8. Invite at least one guest speaker or musician each quarter. 9. Continue fundraising for a new sanctuary carpet. 10. Additional goals from the congregation.

(Compiled by Tom Brown from board documents)


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