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PRAYERS of the People Oct. 29 -2017

Praises for Rev. Vonshelle’s message today.
Thanksgiving for Char and all other volunteers who helped produce a great Halloween dance (about 30 attended)
Travel mercies for Donna & heather, en route to Tennessee. For comfort for Donna’s family as they grieve the death of her cousin.
Success for our holiday fundraising campaign for Teresa's Kids (clothing, toys and food for needy kids) Last year, we raised $1,600. Can we surpass it this year?
Frank O. asks prayers for a friend seeking a job, for a couple with relationship problems, for a friend in need of physical healing, for a friend dealing with a romance choice.
Healing and recovery for Jay, getting thyroid surgery Friday a.m. Nov. 3 at Memorial.
Travel mercy for Steve visiting from North Carolina, and for Merrill & Dave, vacationing in Las Vegas.
Healing for Bonnie and a favorable report on her cancer treatment.
Guidance for the homeless man who stopped at the church Wednesday night seeking directions to a shelter in the 3700 block of West ISB. We checked Google Maps to help him find his way.
Thanksgiving for a warm, supportive chat in our Bible Study group on how we seniors can measure “success” in our lives.

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