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Have you noticed how today’s horror films often have a GLBT subplot, sometimes a very obvious one? Just for fun, here is a list of various movies with gay content, including a few vintage ones that most of us have overlooked or forgotten.
From the QUEERTY web site:
1. Interview with a Vampire. Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances, even if he seems to be the only one that doesn’t realize he’s in a movie about gay vampires. A young Kirsten Dunst also excels, and then there’s the sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas’ vampires.
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy’s Revenge
Out actor Mark Patton stars in this oh-so-very gay installment of the popular franchise. The film features Patton dancing in his undies, a hot dude begging to spend the night with bestie, and scenes in a leather bar. Did people pick up on this at the time?

3. Hellbent
Viewers who don’t mind horror cliches like bad acting, a predictable plot and dumb characters will enjoy this genre piece set in West Hollywood during Halloween. A group of gay boys encounter a slasher killer, but not before they manage to show off their bodies.
4. The Brotherhood
This series of very gay horror movies kicked off with the titular entry back in 2001. Each entry features a cast of pretty young hunks battling supernatural forces...and the urge to Grindr each other.
5. The Haunting
Legendary director Robert Wise helmed this iconic horror classic which just happens to feature one of the earliest–and most respectful–depictions of lesbianism in Hollywood history. Claire Bloom plays out-lesbian Theo, who comforts the psychic Eleanor (played by Julie Harris in a spellbinding performance). The two team up to fight some nasty ghosts, and some awesome sexual tension.
6. The Lost Boys
Go figure that out-queer director Joel Schumacher would direct this homoerotic classic featuring a litany of young heartthrobs including Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Alex Winter, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Vampires take over a southern California town, and plenty of shirtlessness ensues.

7. The Covenant
For men wishing they could have joined the coven in The Craft, The Covenant offers a male answer. A group of hunky teens (played by hunky 20-somethings) do battle with the powers of an ancient witch coven. The b-movie features performances from stars to be, including Sebastian Stan, Taylor Kitch and Chance Crawford.
8. The Dark Place
Less supernatural horror than a noir thriller, The Dark Place features former gay porn star Brett Corrigan (acting under his real name, Sean Paul Lockheart) in a tale of family betrayal set against the backdrop of California’s wine country. It also features a cast of unapologetically queer characters in some very steamy scenes.
9. The Hunger
The Hunger caused a sensation upon release in 1983 courtesy of two great performances by Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve as a pair of lesbian vampire lovers.

10. Dracula’s Daughter
A classic sequel from the Universal Monsters era, Dracula’s Daughter follows the progeny of the famous count, who lives as a lesbian predator seducing young women. Yes, really. In a movie from 1936. Think about that one...
11. Apt Pupil
Queer director Bryan Singer helmed this creepy thriller, based on a short story by Stephen King. Featuring a pre-X-Men Ian McKellan and 90s hunk Brad Renfro, the story follows a boy obsessed with World War II who discovers his elderly neighbor is actually a wanted Nazi war criminal. The two develop a weird sort of S&M relationship, though without actual sex. The film does make up for that absence by featuring an extended shower scene of Renfro, which alone is worth the price of streaming.
SOME ADDITIONAL FILM PICKS from New Church Family’s very own movie critic, Jeff Farance
A. Rocky Horror Picture Show – My all-time favorite
B. All Cheerleaders Die
C. Otto or up with dead people
D. Addams Family Values
E. Black Swan
F. Lesbian Vampire Killers
G. ParaNorman
H. Whatever happened to Baby Jane
I. Cat people
J. Bride of Frankenstein.
K. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter – Can’t say I’m familiar with this last one on my list – but it certainly sounds interesting. -- JF

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