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HEALING: For Stanley Kopec in Massachusetts, Anna’s dad, battling a return of prostate cancer; for Grace White, also facing a return of cancer. For a niece, Milsayla, in a high-risk pregnancy due to diabetes; for Paul Kaminsky making progress in his recovery from a stroke. He welcomes brief phone calls and hopes to finish his therapy and return to Florida before December. For Kitty’s son Steven, injured in a fall while doing hurricane repair work in Key West; for brother in law John Davis, still fighting cancer; For a good report Tuesday on cancer surgery results for sister Bonnie. For Richard, Marty & Slava’s roommate, in very critical condition at Halifax after a heart attack. For Keith’s recurring back and shoulder pain. For good results on Jay’s stress test this week as he prepares for thyroid surgery. For Jeff D.’s mother in a N.H. hospital with a broken hip.
COMFORT: For victims, survivors and their families in the Las Vegas mass shooting.
THANKSGIVING: For insightful Bible Study on Wed. night. Mike Brown gives thanks for our congregation and pastor as he becomes an NCF member.
PEACE: For all trouble spots in the world, especially North Korea and Spain.
CONDOLENCES: For family and friends of Linda Nash, a retired correctional officer who passed away this summer.
GENERAL: Psalm 17:6 “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayers.”
GUIDANCE: For our church, board members and pastor as we all strive to do the best ministry we can.

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