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  Approximately 20 people were on hand for a meeting that stretched two hours. Highlights:
Storm Damage: A sewage lift station on northwest corner of our property has two corroded pumps, 15 years old, that failed during Hurricane Irma. We are borrowing a contractor’s pump temporarily and awaiting a price on what permanent repairs or replacement may cost – probably between $1,000 to $4,500, according to Board VP Dave McBride. The board authorized the repair. Some shingles blew off the west part of the roof and minor leaking has occurred in the rest room ceilings. That damage has not been inspected up close, but we have requested an insurance adjuster to visit asap.
Hurricane Donation – The board decided to earmark 50 percent of the Oct. 1 Benevolence Collection for hurricane relief. The board will decide later if the money should go to needs within our church, or local area, or to a national charity working in Houston, Puerto Rico or the Keys.
Prayers during Worship – After a lengthy discussion, the board decided to reinstate oral “prayers of the people,” reminding the congregation that the microphone should be used only for prayers and praises.
Rev. Susan’s property – After a lengthy discussion, the board decided to go ahead with returning fabric art (which displays our former cross logo) to former pastor Rev. Susan Roth. Susan has also asked for the return of catering items (coffee urn, chafing dishes) that she lent for church dinners years ago. The board decided it will comply with that request but only after receiving an itemized list from Susan, plus a statement that she will not make any further requests from the church. The board obtained a $500 consultation from an attorney after Susan said she would consider legal action against the church if it continued using the cross logo she designed about 7 or 8 years ago.
Board Vacancies – Dave M. announced that Board President Deb Ramsay and At Large member Dave Low have resigned. The board decided to leave the two seats vacant until the church has its general election at the Feb. 2018 Annual Meeting. People interested in serving on board next year should contact a board member or the pastor.
Carpet Fund Update – Treasurer Jeff DeYoung said the fund now has $1,020 of its $3,000 target. He is hoping the installation of new carpet squares in the sanctuary can be completed by Christmas. He said volunteers will be needed to rip out the old carpeting. Clarence H. cautioned the job may be too physical for our older members, and we run liability risks if a volunteer gets hurt.
Membership Review – Board tabled a proposal to form a membership committee to study what procedures the church should follow to remove voting privileges from inactive members.

Cookbook Project -- About 40 recipes have been submitted. More are needed.
Halloween Dance – Pastor Donna said a dance is planned for Fri, Oct. 27 if enough volunteers pledge to help. Some members also expressed interest in having a fall cookout. No date was set.
Next board meeting will be Oct. 8.

(Compiled by Tom Brown)

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