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In light of Hurricane Irma’s potential impact on our area the Board of New Church Family has decided to cancel services for Sunday, September 10 in the interest of safety for all friends and members of our church family. This also includes cancellation of the Board of Directors meeting that was scheduled to take place following Sunday’s service and refreshments.

As of this writing it is not clear how severely our area will be impacted but it seems certain that we will most likely experience at least tropical force winds perhaps as early as Saturday. Some in our area may be bombarded to a greater degree. We do not want you on the road. Stay home! Batten down the hatches! You may need to be right where you are to help your neighbor.

Shelter: If there is a need for evacuations we recommend that you attempt to use a shelter as close to your home as possible. Our church will be available for those who need shelter in a more substantial building and cannot find a suitable shelter closer to home. If you plan to shelter at the church you should bring your medical supplies, water, food, bedding (an air mattress is a good idea), an extra cell phone battery, and maybe deodorant! There is limited bottled water at the church for an emergency in case we do not have access to the municipal water supply. You are familiar with the church layout so it should be no surprise that the there is limited capacity for handling other than smaller pets. Your pet will need bedding, food, perhaps water, and will need to be carefully attended so to avoid soiling carpeted areas.

The time at which the church will be opened for shelter will be posted to this group Facebook site as soon as that decision is made. We continue to watch the progress of the storm.

Disclaimer: The church building is NOT an authorized public shelter. Your use of the church as shelter is at your own risk. The church cannot be liable for your safety. The building has several large windows and NO hurricane shutters. The sanctuary is likely the safest part of the building should we receive a direct hit by the storm. We have no generator capacity so if the power goes out we will have neither air conditioning or fans.

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