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Prayers gathered at our Aug. 6 worship service:
HEALING -- For Clarence, struck by a scooter driver who was texting as he drove; for Becki’s son Stephen, getting mesh repair inside his skull; for Peter and Teresa’s husband Rick, both recovering from hernia surgery; for Dave L., continuing radiation treatment. For Aris, for regaining strength and nutrition. For Bonnie, awaiting results of a biopsy. For Rev. Debbie's spouse Lynda in Hendersonville NC, in pain after surgery. For longtime MCC music evangelist Delores Berry, hospitalized with kidney problems. For anyone coming to our church in need of healing physically, emotionally or spiritually.
CONDOLENCES – Ron and Clarence ask prayers for family of Dave McBrayne, a friend who passed away Friday. For Clair, whose husband Dave has died. For the family of columnist Mark Lane, his mother died a few days ago at 86. (Rev. Wiley conducted a beautiful memorial on Monday.) For Anthony in RI (Jay’s cousin) – Anthony’s father died last week after 3 years in a nursing home. For Larry C. in Miami, mourning the loss of long-time church pianist Barry Underwood.
SAFE TRAVEL – For Alyce and Jeanie, traveling to NY for their NY wedding. For Frank O. as he enjoys his Canadian vacation. For Dave & Merrill and other NCF members on vacation trips. For Brittany & family, returning to NC.
GUIDANCE -- For Deb and Cindy as they launch a new clinic on Beville Road.
Prayers gathered at our Aug. 6 worship service:

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