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BOARD VACANCY – Sunday JULY 9 was set for a short after-service Congregational Meeting in order to elect a member to fill a board vacancy until next February. Announced candidates so far are Char Rywant, Judy OMelia and Cindy Parker. Jerry Nelson withdrew (he reaches the 6-month membership requirement in August.) The congregational meeting will coincide with the next monthly board meeting.
BUILDING – Dave McBride has been gathering price quotes for a 5-ton air-conditioning unit to replace the ailing 15-year-old unit that cools the southeast portion of the building. Quotes received so far range from $3861 to $5610, depending on the warranty desired. Cindy Parker said she knows of a company that may be able to offer a lower price. Board voted to cover the cost by using recent investment earnings in our Morgan Stanley account. The Carpet Fund will continue collecting donations earmarked for a new floor covering in the sanctuary.
COOKBOOK – Char will ask church members and friends to give her one or more favorite family recipes and cooking anecdotes that will be gathered into an NCF Cookbook as a fundraiser. Goal is to get it printed in time to sell it at the Oct. 21 Volusia Pride. Tom B. will help with editing.
ARTS & CRAFTS – Free weekly lessons will be moved to a daytime hour, starting Tuesday June 20, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Several craft options are available – cross-stitching, making a newspaper basket (bring old newspapers), bead work, embroidery. Speak to Char for more information.
FUNDRAISER – Pastor said Dee & Steph plan to sell watermelon slices in order to raise money for a program that provides swimming lessons for infants (Watermelon for Water Babies.)
OTHER FUNDRAISERS – Dennis Brooks suggested the church consider using the County Fairgrounds flea market as a site for a future yard sale. No action taken.

PICNIC -- At the suggestion of Jeff Farance, July 15, Saturday, was tentatively set for a church picnic at a riverside park in Holly Hill.
GOD GAB – Tom B. said a God Gab discussion is planned for a week night in July – not yet determined -- with Paul Edson, retired Embry-Riddle humanities professor, discussing Eastern Christianity (various Orthodox churches). Dave McBride asked the God Gab group to reimburse the church for use of the space. No amount was specified.
TREASURER’s REPORT – May tithes were $2,186, or $541 per Sunday. Expenses were $3144 including a $376 property insurance payment. $500 was transferred from a reserve account to help cover bills.
PASTOR’s REPORT - -A detailed breakdown of the pastor’s work hours and activities is available at church. She reported her May ministry averaged 41.5 hours per week (her compensation is for a 28-hour work week.)

  -- Notes compiled by Tom Brown. Contact him for any additions or corrections.


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