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Prayers gathered at our May 23 service and in recent days:
CONDOLENCES for the British families who lost 12 children and 10 adults in the terrorist bombing of a concert in Manchester, UK. For Jerry N., whose friend in rehab recently died.
THANKSGIVING -- That a biopsy for David (of Stan & David) showed no cancer. For our new member Brian. That Jerry N.'s aunt in Alabama revived after a near-death episode last Sunday. Pam B. reports she is almost back to normal after three months of heart problems and other ailment.
HEALING -- For cancer patient Gayle, who regained enough strength to move from a bed to a wheelchair. Strength for her partner Judy.  For Jerry C., sporadic leg pain and swelling.
SAFE TRAVEL -- For Deb & Irene in RI.  For the Hatfield brothers, getting resettled in Sebring
GUIDANCE -- For Rev. Donna's daughter Hunter as she learns a new job here after relocating from Tennessee, and husband Tyler searching for employment.

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