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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting - May 14, 2017

(NOTE: This draft text was prepared and issued by Acting Secretary Dave McBride and Board President Deb Ramsay. The board will officially adopt the minutes at its next meeting June 11.)

Board Members Present: Debra Ramsay, presiding; Rev. Donna Choate; Dave McBride, acting secretary; Jeff DeYoung; Gil Jordan (via telephone); David Low, and Jerry Corlis, Member Emeritus.

Visitors Present: (In no special order) Nancy Reed, Pat Miller, Betty South, Jerry Nelson, Irene Damaso, Char Rywant, Bonnie Frazee, Russ Allen, Jeff Farance, Pam Berdebes, Tom Brown, and Glen Foley.

1. The meeting was called to order at noon by Debra Ramsay, presiding. Opening prayer was spoken by Debra Ramsay and Donna Choate.

2. A motion to accept the agenda was made by Jeff DeYoung and seconded by David Low. The motion carried.

3. A motion to accept the minutes of the April 9th meeting was made and seconded. Those minutes were approved as presented.

4. Rev. Donna Choate presented her Pastor’s Report for April 2017 and it was accepted as handed out.

5. Jeff DeYoung, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report and it was accepted as handed out.

6. Dave McBride presented the Building Report. It was mentioned that information is still being gathered as relates to the replacement of the carpet in the sanctuary and that an update will be coming at a future meeting. A tentative target date for the carpet replacement was set for this fall.


1. The Board received a letter from Bob and Alan Austin indicating they were stepping down from their work responsibilities at the church. The letter further indicated they wished to resign their memberships in New Church Family. The Board voted to accept (acknowledge) only the resignations from work responsibilities at this time, postponing a decision on their request to withdraw their memberships to our next meeting on June 11th. The Board is hopeful that there will be an opportunity for reconciliation.

2. It was suggested that the church prepare a written contract/agreement for the use of the church facilities for events such as weddings and receptions. This will serve to clarify the obligations of the church as well as those of the party using the church and will indicate reasonable costs for use of the church facilities. A proposed document will be presented at a future Board meeting. The matter was tabled via a motion offered by Jeff DeYoung.

3. There was a brief discussion as to whether or not the church is at a point where it needed to give thought to a new logo. It was quickly decided that we are happy with the current logo and have no desire to consider a new one at this time.

4. Art Accountability – Tom Brown sent a letter to the Board asking that more effective communication be given when art objects and wall hangings are to be moved around even if it is only on a temporary basis. Tom had several questions about the disposition of several items over recent time and what appeared to be satisfactory explanations were readily given.

5. Disposition of the wall tapestry and church logo created by Susan. These two items were recently removed from the sanctuary for two reasons. One was so a wedding reception could be staged in the sanctuary room, and the second was so issues regarding the cleaning and preservation of those items could be addressed. Once the items are cleaned and/or preserved, they will be returned to a position of prominence in the church.

6. Rescinding Susan’s membership at NCF. Susan Roth, our retired pastor, had previously sent the church Board a letter asking to be withdrawn from church membership. After reflection she again contacted the Board and asked that the first letter be rescinded.

Deb suggested that the board vote to rescind her membership resignation and to allow her to continue her membership as a “Member Emeritus” with no voting rights. This status is often used for past Pastors. After considerable discussion, Rev. Donna said she was in favor of rescinding her resignation and that Susan should be allowed to make the decision as to the type of member status she would prefer (regular or emeritus).

The vote was not unanimous but the Board did vote to rescind her request to withdraw her membership leaving her as a member in good standing. The Yes’s were 3 (Ramsay, Low, and McBride) and the Nay’s were two (Jordan and DeYoung). Rev. Donna abstained.

7. Lloyd’s letter. At a recent service, Lloyd distributed publicly a letter he had addressed to but had not yet delivered to the board. Lloyd’s letter was in response to a letter the Board had sent him regarding his future role in the music ministry prompted by recent statements that he was stepping down. The Board has chosen not to respond to that letter or provide any additional discussion about it since it was based on wrong assumptions. The Board met with Lloyd to discuss his role in the music ministry of the church and collectively we carved out a solution that makes us all happy. Amen!

8. New Board member. Due to the resignation of our current Board secretary, the Board agreed to hold an election to fill the remaining term. A notice will be given soon and in approximately 60 days a Congregational Meeting will be held to fill that position.

9. The next board meeting will be held on Sunday, June 11th at noon.

10. Motion to adjourn by Jeff DeYoung, second by David Low. Passed. Adjournment at 1:35pm. Closing prayer was given by Dave McBride.



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