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New Church Family Board of Directors Meeting -- March 12, 2017

Board Members present: Debra Ramsay, presiding; Reverend Donna Choate; Dave McBride; Jeff DeYoung; Bob Austin; David Low.

Visitors present: Merrill Hendler; Cindy Parker

1. Debra Ramsay called the meeting to order at 11:48 am. Opening prayer by Reverend Donna Choate.
2. Acceptance of the agenda – Motion by David Low; second by Jeff DeYoung to accept. Passed.
3. Acceptance of prior month's minutes – Motion by Jeff DeYoung; second by Dave McBride to accept. Passed.
4. Pastor's Report – The report was passed out and accepted as read.
5. Treasurer's Report – The Treasurer's Report was passed out. After discussion motion by Dave McBride; second by David Low to accept. Passed.
6. Building Report – Dave McBride handed out the Building report. Discussion on several topics. Back deck needs a committee to send recommendations to the Board as to what to do. Committee consists of Dave McBride, David Low and Cindy Parker.


7. Easter Dinner/Picnic – Reverend Donna Choate talked about the possibility of having an Easter Picnic, but due to the uncertainty of weather it was decided to have a Dinner on Easter Sunday, April 16.
8. Ministry Teams – Reverend Donna Choate handed out her proposed Ministry Teams and everyone looked at it. It will be laid out with a sign up sheet for people to sign up to which team they would like to work with.
9. Inquiry about Immigration Enforcement & Sanctuary – Much discussion on this issue. Motion by Bob Austin; second by Jeff DeYoung to not use our Church as a Sanctuary, but to compile a list of places they can go to for Sanctuary. Passed.
10. Church Holiday Bazaar November 4th – Bob Austin talked to the Board on the proposed Bazaar. It was a long term goal set last year and got permission from the Board to proceed. Name will be changed to Arts & Crafts Bazaar.
11. Easter Service – Reverend Donna Choate told the Board that we will have a Good Friday service on April 14th at 7 pm. Passover service on April 10th at 6:30 pm.
12. Review of Board Positions & Board Photos updated – Reverend Donna Choate asked for new photos if the Board members wanted theirs changed and asked the new members for photos. Bob Austin asked for a group photo of the Board and will do it at the next Board Meeting in April.
13. Daytona Beach Huddle – Reverend Donna Choate told the Board of the meeting that the group had in our Building. It was decided that we would not let them meet here anymore due to concerns.
14. Social Activities – Bob Austin announced the following things: April 2nd – Dine and Cruise with Our Lady of Lourdes; May 20th – Picnic and Sanford Zoo. He also announced November 5th would be DeLand Pride Block Party.



15. Set date for next Board Meeting – April 9th after service.
16. Adjourn – Motion by Jeff DeYoung; second by Dave McBride to adjourn. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 1:21 pm. Closing prayer was given by Dave McBride.

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