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New Church Family


Board of Directors Organizational Meeting


February 19, 2017



Board members present: Debra Ramsay; Reverend Donna Choate; Jeff DeYoung; Bob Austin; Dave McBride; Jerry Corlis



Visitors present: Heather Choate; Manny Morris



The meeting was called to order at 11:55 am by Debra Ramsay.  Opening Prayer was offered by Reverend Donna Choate.



Discussion on who should be Officers for the year.  Motion by Jeff DeYoung; Second by Dave McBride that the following Officers be elected:


President – Debra Ramsay; Vice – President – Dave McBride; Treasurer – Jeff DeYoung; Secretary – Bob Austin; Members At Large – Gil Jordan and David Low.  Motion passed.



The next meeting for the Board was set for Sunday, March 12th after service.



Reverend Donna Choate told the Board she would be on vacation March 17 thru 23.



The signatures for writing checks at Sun Trust Bank will remain the same as last year.



Treasurer Jeff DeYoung said the turning in of Corporation Officers has to be done in March.



 Treasurer Jeff DeYoung said the Morgan Stanley account need to be updated. Remove the old Treasurer and put the current Treasurer and Pastor on it. The Board approved this.

Adjourned at 12:20 pm. Closing Prayer was given by Debra Ramsay.








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