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    The NCF Board met after service Jan. 8 with Bob Austin presiding, substituting for President Deb Ramsay. Board members present were Gil Jordan, and Rev. Donna. Also attending were Jeff Farance, Dave McBride, Cindy Parker and Tom Brown. 

          The Dec. 4 minutes and various reports were accepted as submitted. Treasurer Jeff DeYoung noted the operating budget achieved an $82 surplus for the month, helped by special gifts from angels.

           A 2017 budget prepared by Treasurer Jeff DeYoung and the Finance Committee was approved as submitted. It calls for total spending of $41,050, down from the $43,630 budgeted in 2016, and up from the $38,533 actually spent. The pastor's base compensation was reduced to $17,000, compared to $19,512 budgeted in 2016 and $17,188 actually spent. Gas allowance would be increased to $100 a month, and the church's contribution toward self-employment tax would be increased to $1800, from the $1611 spent in 2016. Compensation for other staff members would continue at 2016 levels. Most operating items were budgeted at close to 2016 levels, but $400 more was added for electricity. Line items for music, Bible study and youth ministry were removed, since those services are being provided by volunteers. The tithing target would be decreased to $700 a week, closer to the $660 a week actually received in collections this past year.

      A pastoral covenant for Rev. Donna Choate, largely duplicating the terms used for Rev. Susan Roth, was approved as submitted. Rev. Donna's confirmation as pastor will be voted on at the Feb. 5 Annual Meeting.

      Candidates for board vacancies so far include Bob Austin, Dave McBride  and Gil Jordan. The board discussed contingency plans in case not enough qualified members are willing to stand for election. One possibility would be to elect a member with less than 6 months of membership, with the provision that voting  power would not start until the new board member reaches the 6-month membership requirement. Nominations from the floor would increase the candidate field.

      The board set the quorum for the Annual Meeting at 20 percent, in accordance with the bylaws. Rev. Donna reported the membership currently stands at 80-plus.
        A resignation letter from Deb Ramsay was accepted with regret, and gratitude for her tireless service to the board and the church.

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