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New Church Family Board Meeting – Minutes -- August 14, 2016

Board Members present: Deb Ramsay, Presiding; Reverend Donna Choate; David Low; Jerry Corlis; Jeff DeYoung. Guests present: Bob Austin; Tom Brown; Pat Miller; Bonnie Frazee; Deb Porter; Cindy Parker; Heather Choate; Glen Foley.

1. Deb Ramsay called the meeting to order at 11:54 am. Opening prayer by Reverend Donna Choate.

2. Acceptance of the agenda – Jeff DeYoung motioned to accept, David Low seconded, passed.

3. Acceptance of prior month minutes – Jeff DeYoung motioned to accept, Jerry Corlis seconded, passed.


4. Pastor Report – Approved July report.

5. Treasurer's Report – accepted as read.

6. Building Report – Jeff DeYoung reported the following: Air Conditioner taken care of, front entrance almost done. Reverend Donna talked about the outside lights with some still needing to be fixed. Bleach has not been put in overflow drains in attic as of yet.


7. Church Security Update – Jeff DeYoung reported that all locks have been changed, keys assigned, signed for and personal security codes issued.

8. T-Shirt Update – The T-Shirts are in that the Board approved at the last meeting. They will be available to members for $15 each. We will replenish as needed.

9. Anniversary Party Update – Due to sickness the 30th Anniversary Party has been moved to the Church for Sunday, August 28th. Tom Brown will have a brief written timeline of the Church to pass out to people. Slava is working on a video to be shown. It was decided to raise the amount of food from 50 people to 60 people. There will be tickets sold for various raffle baskets.

10. Volusia Pride Festival in October – We will once again do a sponsorship for $100 and rent a booth space for $25. T-shirts, jewelry, rainbow fans and bracelets, pamphlets, and raffle for a 21 speed bicycle will be at the booth. We will put on our Facebook page, Web page and announce at Church for volunteers to help with setting up, taking down and monitoring the booth.

11. Purchase of Safe Update – Talked about size of the safe and also getting a safe deposit box at the bank instead of the safe. Also, about the safe needing to be fire proof. Bonnie Frazee said she had a safe she would donate. Jeff DeYoung is planning to check on it. Tabled until more information is obtained.

12. DeLand Pride Block Party – DeLand Pride will be having a Block Party on November 13, 2016 and tailoring it similar to Volusia Pride's Festival. They are selling sponsorship and vendor spaces. Motion by David Low and seconded by Jeff DeYoung to purchase a $100 sponsorship and get a $50 vendor booth space. Motion passed. Deb Porter told the Board that Porter Chiropractic and Wellness would pay the $150 for NCF. They were thanked for their generosity. Bob Austin is in charge of the DeLand Pride event for NCF.


13. Board Members helping out with office hours – It was stated that Reverend Donna was working too Board Members helping out with office hours – It was stated that Reverend Donna was working too many hours and we needed some of the Board to step up and volunteer to help a few hours each week. All agreed to volunteer to help.

14. Vacant Seat on Board – It was decided that the Vacant seat on the Board needed to be filled. The position is for the Secretary position. Motion by Jerry Corlis, seconded by David Low to fill the seat. Motion passed. We will announce in Church that if anyone is interested in filling the Secretary position to let Reverend Donna Choate or Deb Ramsay know by August 28th. We will have a brief Congregational Meeting on September 4th to get the Congregation's approval of the candidate. The candidate must be a member in good standing for 6 months and attend regularly.

15. Advertising in Hometown News – Reverend Donna Choate told the Board that she had been talking to the Hometown News about NCF advertising in their paper. It would have to be a commitment of 8 weeks for $45 per week. It would go to over 10,000 homes. Motion by Jerry Corlis, second by David Low to proceed. Passed. Treasurer Jeff DeYoung told the Board that we had not used very much out of the advertising budget so far.

16. Use of building for National Transgender Day Celebration – Reverend Donna Choate has been asked if the building could be used for an event to celebrate National Transgender Day on November 21, 2016. Motion by Jeff DeYoung, second by David Low to allow them to use the building. Passed.

17. Team Leaders – Reverend Donna Choate talked about the Team Leaders and told the Board that the new system was working and more Team Leaders would be in place soon. She also stated that she was going to send handwritten notes to all members saying miss you, glad you are attending, etc.

18. Choir – Deb Porter and Cindy Parker volunteered to help start a Church Choir. They will be working with Dennis Brooks.

19. Free Wellness Day – Deb Porter and Cindy Parker want to start a monthly Wellness Day at the Church. It would be after the service. Chiropractic and Wellness, discussion about medications, etc. All items would be free to members. Motion by Jerry Corlis, second by David Low to proceed. Passed. A date would be announced later.

20. Volusia-Flagler Rainbow Alliance – Tom Brown asked for the use of the board room for their meeting. It was given to him to use on September 11, 2016, after service.


21.Set date for next Board Meeting – The date was set for Sunday, September 18th at noon.

22.Adjourn and Closing Prayer – Motion to adjourn by Jeff DeYoung, second by David Low and Passed.

Adjourned at 1:22 pm. Closing Prayer by Reverend Donna Choate.

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