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RileyRILEY UPDATE –(News of Pat M.’s cousin, age 7, who is receiving chemo in Jacksonville for a brain tumor. Our church has supported Riley and his 2 dads with a Benevolence donation and continuing prayers.)

Since early February, Riley has completed chemo treatments 28, 29, & 30. The past 4 weeks, Riley has become very anxious when his port is accessed and chemo is administered. He becomes nauseous not because of the medication, but from his getting anxious over the process and how the medication feels as it is being pushed into his chest and throughout his body. We have been trying everything to distract him in an effort to keep him from getting sick, but nothing seemed to work. This past week, Cindi, Riley’s chemo nurse, asked Riley something about a fire truck. None of us even recall what the question was, but it worked! Riley stopped being nauseous so he could explain to her the answer. That was enough time for her to finish giving him his chemotherapy and remove his port. Nurses are AWESOME!

Diagnosis of a child with cancer forever changes a family. Often only those who have had a similar experience can understand the impact of those changes. Within the last 2 weeks, we have been fortunate to meet other families that have taken this journey before usm, some with happy endings and some with unhappy endings. All part of this journey we call life. With that, any day spent with his fellow firefighters is a good day for Riley! He recently helped with a baptism ceremony for Station 44’s new ladder truck.

  (Thank you to Amanda for the information. You can see some adorable photos of Riley in his firefighter gear at )

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