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Prayers of the People June 11, 2017

Prayers received at our June 11 service and in recent days:

HEALING: Becki asks God's care for her son Steven, scheduled for eye surgery June 27 and more facial surgery. Also for his family. For Terry, who cut his head in a fall at home; for Dean having leg problems; for little Anthony; for Carol P., now in hospice home care, and her spouse Chris; for Eugene, hospitalized in Kentucky for 6 days as of Sunday with stomach problems; for Olga; for Cindy's friend John;  for David L's respiratory problem, for Merrill's heart condition; for good results on Aris's blood tests at Halifax Hospital, so she can return home; for Teresa, improving after a severe cold.

THANKSGIVING: John B., our newest member, gives thanks for church's support for his personal situation. Char thankful for Blue Spring park rangers who urged her to go to ER for heat exhaustion.

COMFORT: For families grieving loved ones killed a year ago at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

NCF Memorial Honor Roll -- 2017


84 deceased Members and Friends of Hope MCC & New Church Family

….In memoriam -- 2017…

Billie Abner

Bruce Austin (partner of Jackson Weaver)

Bill Ballon (author, partner of David McCarthy

Jim Bebee (father of Bruce Bebee)

Ron Bergeron (father of Tony Bergeron, carpenter who built our church’s portable altar and wood cross)

Blake, Michael, emcee for Billy Boots

Dennis Blyth

Billie Boots (Queen Mother of female impersonators, longtime performer at the long-gone Hollywood Bar in Daytona and other East Coat clubs. Raised thousands of dollars for AIDS benefits and helped start our Benevolence Fund. Partner of comedian Tubby Boots)

Sally Brayton (organizer and manager of our Hope food pantry; partner Gloria Lesko was a driver and helper)

Carl A. Brown (father of Tom Brown)

Rev. James Buchanan (Cassadaga spiritualist who also attended our church)

Jim Burkhalter, woodworker and orchid fancier

Cecil Burnette, artist and trade-show manager, partner of Ray Stovell

John Cadzo, AIDS activist in the 1980s

John Clinger

Alan Columbia

Barbara Cook

Rick Croley

Ruth Cronk (landscaper, partner of Janet Brown)

Matthew Dilworth

Donnie Dudenhoffer (brother of Kirk Dudenhoffer)

Kirk Dudenhoffer, Hope MCC deacon

Bill Finn

Eve Gillen, wife of Eric Gillen

Eric Gillen

Ed Grinsell

Jim Hagan, partner of Jim Cruzan

Hazel Holt

Robert Hunold, hair stylist, usher and food pantry volunteer

Fay Kelley, partner of Charlene Ryant

Lowell Kelm, partner of Willard “Bode” Boedecker

Bonnie Kennedy, wife of David Kennedy

David Kennedy

Scott Kline

Walter Konak

Gerald “Jerry” Legg ( partner of Frank Olcefski for 42 years)

Gloria Lesko, partner of Sally Brayton

Rev. Jean Levy (first pastor of our church when it was known as St. Peter’s MCC; partner of Barbara Stump)

Helen Martell (partner of Sandra Matthews)

Gretchen Martin, wife of Paddy Martin

Michael McCray, early church member and partner of Kent Stevenson

Rev. B.J. “Beau” McDaniels, seventh pastor, founder of New Church Family

Dennis Moreno

Rev. Ted Morgan, our second pastor and musician

William L. Murphy, stylist and CNA, organizer of church dinners

Donna “Mom” Morris, mother of Lee Gray and unofficial mom to countless others

Esta Mosher

Linda Nelson

Gil O’Donnell

Page, Mary Agnes, Hope deacon

Roy Petnella, partner of Russ Van Allen

Rocky Wayne Pickett, partner of John Bugis

Rev. Larry Ponder

Robert Quantino, traveler, writer and artist

Bill Rebola, Hope deacon

Charles Rigoll, partner of Bill Zimmeran for 55 years

Rev. John Rogers, church organist and pianist

Tim Ryan

Holly Ann Scott, locksmith and our first transgender member

Tony Silvestro, partner of Dominick Romano and father of Tony Silvestro

Gene Sims

Michael Smolen, partner of Rev. Bob Finch, our third pastor

Al Steady, who coined our Hope MCC name

Steele, Rev. Steve, fourth Hope pastor

Mark Sverha

Turner, Nicole, transgender advocate

Will Verick, administrative assistant to Rev. Lee Carlton

Clarence Vion, father of Larry Vion

Larry Vion, realtor and benefactor whose bequest enabled us to buy our former Ridgewood property

Jeff Walker, partner of Stan Wetherald

Rev. Tim Ward, music minister under Rev. Lee Carlton; later organized Kingdom of God Church

Jackson Weaver, pantry volunteer

Stan Wetherald, Hope treasurer, Bible study leader and prison minister

Edmond J. Wieckowski, partner of Bill Pace

Steve Womack

Douglas Whiton

Margaret Wickham, Army veteran

Bill Zimmerman, partner of Charlie Rigoll, 55 years.


(Thank you to Jerry Corlis, our longest surviving member, for compiling this list. If anyone has additional names or information to suggest, please contact our church office, 386-527-5952)

Minutes of NCF Board Meeting April 9, 2017

New Church Family
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2017
Board Members present: Debra Ramsay, presiding; Rev. Donna Choate; Dave
McBride; Jeff DeYoung; Bob Austin; David Low and Jerry Corlis.
Visitors present: Bonnie Frazee; Tom Brown; Jeff Farance and Merrill Hendler.

Read more: Minutes of NCF Board Meeting April 9, 2017

Rev. Donna Choate confirmed as pastor

   Rev. Donna Choate, who has served as our interim pastor since last summer, has been confirmed by the congregation to continue leading New Church Family.

     At the church's Annual Meeting, held Feb. 5 after our worship service, Donna received a 92 percent vote of confirmation. NCF bylaws require a 75 percent majority.

      In voting for the board of directors, David McBride was elected to fill an open seat, and Gil Jordan and Bob Austin were re-elected to continue their board service.Unsuccesful candidates were Pam Berdebes and Frank Olzynski. Also continuing on the board for another year are David Low, Jeff DeYoung and Debra Ramsay.  Jerry Corlis, retiring from the board, was granted the title of director emeritus, an honorary non-voting position, by a unanimous vote.

     In other action, the congregation held an advisory vote on Sunday service times and by a large margin, favored staying with the present 10 a.m. service time, Other times that were considered were 11 a.m. and noon. 

    A budget of $41,050 was adopted with no changes. The new budget is about $2,600 less than the 2016 budget, but about $2,500 more than was actually spent in 2016. The pastor's part-time compensation continues unchanged, but a $25 monthly increase in the gasoline allowance, an extra week of paid vacation,  and life insurance, estimated to cost $25 a month, were added to the pastor's benefit package.

    In a discussion of goals for 2017, the congregation endorsed continuing with periodic dances, and holding a craft bazaar in early November.

    Forty-eight active members attended the meeting and took part in the voting. Several frequent attenders also were present as spectators.



Memories of Rev. Beau McDaniels

Here are just a few of the memories that people have shared with us about the life and ministry of Rev. Beau McDaniels, who died Sept. 23. She was our pastor from 2003 to 2013.

Read more: Memories of Rev. Beau McDaniels

Rev. Beau McDaniels dies at 73

    New Church Family members were saddened to learn that Rev. B.J. "Beau" McDaniels died early Friday (Sept. 23) at a hospital in New Mexico. She was 73.

     Her longtime friend and housemate, Terry "Spider" Holt, said Rev. Beau suffered congestive heart failure, a complication of pneumonia. She had been living in Rio Rancho, N.M., adjacent to Albuquerque, since her retirement.

Read more: Rev. Beau McDaniels dies at 73

IMHO -- Discovering God's purpose for each of us -- June 22, 2016

Thoughts from Rev Susan -- IMHO (In my humble opinion) 

 Mid year, I am marveling at what God had planned for my life
this year.

Read more: IMHO -- Discovering God's purpose for each of us -- June 22, 2016

IMHO -- Satisfying spiritual hunger, June 8


As of late, I’ve been thinking more about food. I’ve been on a
quest to get healthier, lose weight, and exercise more. I lost 2
pounds on vacation and feel really good about that, as my
waistband is no longer quite so snug.

Read more: IMHO -- Satisfying spiritual hunger, June 8

"Next Year in Jerusalem"

EDITOR'S NOTE: At our April 29 Seder at New Church Family, Rev. Susan concluded the meal by reading this essay, taken from  It's a beautiful statement of what the concept of "The Promised Land" can mean for our spiritual journey. Thank you, Rev. Susan, for preparing a delicious meal, and to the 50 people who joined us for this wonderful Passover observance.

Read more: "Next Year in Jerusalem"

IMHO -- April 27 -- The Invisible Poor

Thoughts from Rev Susan IMHO (in my humble opinion) April 27

As a child, I grew up on stories of generous Jewish homeowners. If a poor man knocked on your door, you gave him food. But for some reason, those scenarios didn’t seem to happen in real life anymore. Maybe it’s because I personally don’t live in an apartment building.... When did a poor person in tattered clothing knock on the front door of my house, begging for a slice of bread? Had I ever seen someone who was thin with hunger?...Sure.... but not in my middle-class Ormond Beach neighborhood.

Read more: IMHO -- April 27 -- The Invisible Poor

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